360 Degree Facility Management Solution: Indoor Navigation System

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1 360 Degree Facility Management Solution: Indoor Navigation System An indoor navigation system doubles-up as a collaboration platform, aiding facility management through real-time analytics and infrastructure-usage data. So, what is an indoor navigation system? While most urban dwellers across the globe are aware of GPS and the benefits it offers for locating and navigating to places of interest, an indoor navigation system helps users locate points of interest inside a facility.

2 In addition to providing real-time location based services, indoor navigation technology when used as a Smartphone application functions as an indoor collaboration tool as well. This leads to optimal indoor space management. Facility Management Solution Large facilities such as convention centers, corporate offices, retail spaces such as malls, and recreational centers such as resorts, theme & amusement parks witness heavy footfall on a regular basis. In order to regulate crowd movement, facility heads need to adopt the right facility management solution. This is where an indoor navigation system works wonders... here are some key benefits. 1. Indoor Positioning & Wayfinding

3 2. Indoor Space Management 3. Asset Tracking 4. Location Based Services 5. Hoteling & Reservation 6. Indoor Collaboration Facility Security & Disaster Response An indoor navigation system can be used effectively to notify users in case of any untoward incident within the facility. Instant messages keep users aware of crucial assembly points and safe paths to be taken to minimize damage to life and limb. In case of unseen emergencies, a facility administrator can prepare the facility users by:

4 1. Identifying the cause of emergency 2. Sending emergency alerts 3. Notifying users with safety tips 4. Providing shortest paths to safety 5. Alerting response teams As has been observed in the past few years, urban spaces face threat from humans and nature alike. In these situations, it is important to realize how swift communication and action can save lives of people and take them towards safety. An indoor navigation system does just that... and more! Indoor navigation technology is the most sought after platform by facility managers as it offer multiple benefits on a single interface.