By Karen E Johnson, RN, MPH, Naturopath

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1 By Karen E Johnson, RN, MPH, Naturopath

2 DISCLAIMER AcuColors does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Content from AcuColors is not intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment. The information provided in this book is intended for general consumer understanding and self-improvement only. The information provided is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. As health and nutrition research continuously evolves, we do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of any information presented in this book.

3 AcuColors Objectives: 1. Discover an alternative way of healing with Acucolors. 2. Discover basic TCM Diagnostic methods to pinpoint meridian imbalances. 3. Learn how to apply colored light on the acupoints to heal the Body- Soul-Spirit levels. 4. Work through at least one health issue using the 3 Acucolors treatment techniques for whole holistic healing.

4 WHAT IS ACUCOLORS? AcuColors is a healing therapy that incorporates many of TCM concepts, such as Acupuncture & Iridology, to address the whole person in Body, Soul and Spirit. Colored light heals, restores function deep into the cells of the body, & releases hidden negative emotions.

5 ACUCOLORS works with: the WHOLE Person in Body-Soul-Spirit Physical Body: the Body is the physical vector which carries the Soul and the Spirit in this world. It needs nutrition and exercise to remain healthy and functional. It is subject to harm from accident or illness. Emotional Soul: The Soul is the psychological reflector of emotion. It can be portrayed as an aura around the outside of the body. Mind Spirit: The Spirit is our rational, intellectual director, or the mind. It is our beliefs and our standards by which we interpret situations and our connection with higher sources of information, or God.

6 The Meridians The Spirit, the information director, is located at the center of the meridian network of the body. Meridians are energy pathways that carry information from the Spirit to the Soul and to the Body. This communication is essential to good health. Any miscommunication leads to illness and is usually caused by conflict between the soul (emotion) & spirit (thought) and hidden negative emotions which cause energy flow blockages in the meridians.

7 FIVE PAIRED MERIDIAN PATHWAYS SPIRITUAL MERIDIAN NETWORK Liver/Gall Bladder Lv/GB Stomach/Spleen St/Sp Kidney/Bladder Ki/Bl MAIN SOUL EMOTION Anger Worry Fear PHYSICAL DISEASE TENDENCIES OF THE BODY Allergies, Anxiety, Aphasia, Chronic Fatigue, Convulsions, Dizziness, Eye & Ear issues, Fever, Gallstones, Hip pain, Hypertension, Leg arthritis, Meningitis, Migraines, Mood disorders, Muscle Atrophy, Nausea, Numbness, PMS, Rib pain, Sciatica, Shoulder pain, Stroke, Tinnitus, Weakness Anemia, Anorexia, Diabetes, Food Poisoning, GERD, Glaucoma, Hives, IBS. Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Joint & Bone pain, Knee pain, Menstrual cramps, Muscle Spasms, Nausea, PMS, Smell or Taste issues, Sty, Toothache, Ulcers, Urinary Tract infections Anorexia, Arthritis, Bladder infections, Edema, Epilepsy, Fatigue, Foot pain, Hearing & Speech issues. Hiccups, IBS, Impotence, Joint pain, Knee, Leg, Low Back Pain, Low Libido, Muscle spasms, Osteoporosis, Premature Graying, Prostatitis, Rapid Pulse, Reproductive issues. Hereditary weaknesses, Respiratory ailments, Sciatica, Sexual dysfunction, Systemic diseases, Tinnitus. Urinary disorders, Vertigo Lung/Large Intestine Lu/LI Heart/Small Intestine Ht/SI Sadness Love Acne, Allergies. Asthma. Bell s Palsy, Bronchitis, Cold symptoms, Congestion, Cough, Cough. IBS, Crohn s, Depression, Diarrhea, Dry Skin, Eczema, Elbow pain, Fatigue, Flu, Immune deficiencies, Itching, Learning disorders, Nasal Obstruction, Sinus infection, Sneezing, Sore throat, Stress, Toothache, Ulcerative Colitis, Upper Back pain, Anemia, Blood Pressure/Heart rate & rhythm, Celiac disease, Chronic Cough; Shoulder & Neck pain. Sore Throat, Fatigue, Insomnia, Mouth sores, Mumps, Neuralgia, Nightmares. Fever, Numbness in fingers, Poor Circulation in arms & legs, Poor Memory, Sweating, Swollen Glands, TMJ syndrome.

8 What happens if we repress a negative emotion? The repressed emotion blocks energy flow through the meridian channels of the body causing physical damage at the cellular level of the body. The negative emotion is trapped like being inside a fog. ACUCOLORS releases trapped emotions and opens up the blocked meridians allowing positive light energy to heal the cells of the body.

9 Part I Diagnostic Techniques Areas of Inspection: Fingertips Nailbeds Tongue Ears Eyes Face Meridian Measurement

10 Fingertip Testing 1. Press firmly in the middle of the last digit of each finger, just under the round fingertip pad. Sharp pain that makes you want to yell OUCH! is a positive response. 2. Follow the testing in this order: Left Hand (LH) ; Right Hand (RH) Check for Imbalance side to side. If sore fingers are not the same on LH or RH, then there is a Laterality imbalance and need Corpus Callosum treatment. 4. When there is a T o F difference top to bottom, such as hot hands and cold feet, then there is a Polarity issue and a Vertical treatment is needed. BODY SYSTEM SENSITIVE FINGER(S) REGULATING FUNCTION FINGER CHART BY BODY SYSTEM Lymphatic Lv GB RH & LH Thumb(1 st ) Immune support & eliminate toxins thru lymphatic system. Nervous Sp St RH & LH Index (2 nd ) Transfer info between nerves & muscles for movement Musc Skel Ki Bl RH & LH Middle (3 rd ) Transfer info between nerves & muscles for movement Endocrine Lu LI RH & LH Ring (4 th ) Gland & Hormone Regulation Blood Ht SI RH & LH Little (5 th ) Circulation of oxygenated blood to the vital cells & organs PROBLEM Congestion Degeneration Degeneration Dysregulation Stagnation

11 LATERALITY & POLARITY Horizontal (Side to Side) Treatment LOCATION: Corpus Callosum point, mid nose & upper lip. 20 sec on point INDICATION: Balances Side to Side. COLOR: Yellow Vertical (Top to Bottom) Treatment LOCATION: Hypothalamus points in line with the pupils midway between hairline & eyebrows. Also GV2 at top of buttocks fold. 20 sec each point INDICATION: Balances Top to Bottom. COLOR: L=Orange; R=Blue: GV2=Orange

12 NAILBED INSPECTION COLOR Yellow shows LvGB from impaired Lymph Drainage. Yellow, Green or Black can also mean a bacterial infection. Yellow with Pink base = Diabetes (SpSt) Blue indicates a weak heart. Blue-green shows a fungal infection. (HtSI) Red excess RBCs. If in nailbed, it confirms a heart problem. (HtSI) White could mean liver disease. ½ White ½ Pink = Kidney disease. Pale nailbed = Anemia (KiBl) ABNORMALITIES a. Longitudinal Ridges = FA deficiency, poor absorption of food, aging, kidney disorder, infection, arthritis (KiBl) b. Clubbing = depletion of O2 in blood, COPD, Celiac disease, IBS (LuLI) c. White spots = weak immune system d. Onychomycosis = systemic fungal e. Spoon nails = blood iron disorders

13 TONGUE INSPECTION COLOR NORMAL: pink, flexible with a think clear coat & moisture VIOLET: (LvGB:Anger) venous stagnation, slow blood circulation, poor oxygenation RED: (KiBl:Fear) fever, vitamin deficiency, dehydration; the more red the more inflammation or acidity. This causes Stomach and Kidney damage. PALE (LuLI:Sadness) = Blood deficiency, Low BP, hypothyroid, metabolic deficiency leading to cold hands & feet, dehydration. REGION Dehydration GERD

14 EARS For organ function & buried emotions, probe the organ points for pain. If painful, use the complementary color to release the buried emotion and heal the organ. ORGAN Bladder (Bl) Kidney (Ki) Gallbladder (GB) Liver (Lv) Large Intestine (LgI) Lung (Lu) Spleen (Sp) Stomach (St) Heart (Ht) Small Intestine (SmI) COLOR Green Red Violet Yellow Orange Blue Orange Blue Pink Turquoise Heart prob

15 EYES Hematogenic (Brown eye)-- Glandular, Lymphatic congestion (LvGB) 1.Chronic Stress Rings -fibers buckle 2.Radii Solaris -toxic waste dump 3.Cholesterol Ring= too much cholesterol in blood. Lymphatic (Blue eye)-- Allergies, Overactive immune system; Colds, Sinus, Respiratory infections, GI disorders; Arthritis, Adrenal, Kidney & Thyroid problems (LuLI) 1.Neurogenic fibers- CNS weak 2.Lymphatic Congestion mucous 3.Hematochromia-- LvGB Pancreas issues 4.Scurf Rim-dark ring around outside of iris=skin circulation issues. Use dry skin brushing to increase circulation. Biliary ( Green Mixed Blue with Brown eye)-- GI, GB issues; Pancreatic Blood Sugar issues; Diarrhea, Constipation, Flatulence (SpSt) 1.Polyglandular endocrine 2.Lymphatic Rosary-congestion 3.Uric acid-=gout 4.Ballooning in Nerve Wreath- excess gas, hiatal hernia



18 Look for unusual: Eye Color Collarette size, shape, color Spots and where they fall drug toxicity? Scurf Rims Cholesterol Ring Radii Solaris Open Lesions White part of eye-dbl troicha sx of Ca Congestions (white)

19 Notice Size, shape of pupil High inflammatory areas in abdomen Amount of mucous

20 Green Eyes? High catarrh Double Troicha in sclera Irregular collarette

21 FACE INSPECTION OBSERVE FOR CHANGES IN: Color darkened areas, pigment changes Shape --asymmetry Skin wrinkles, swelling Meridian Zones any changes over meridian areas 1. CHEEKBONE Swollen Blue-White color=diaphragm & CNS). 2. EYE -inner corners Adenoids swollen, brown=chronic constipation, breast issues. Ki 3. NOSE - Red or swellings =Lu ; Red Nose tip=thyroid 4. UPPER LIP -(heart fold) =Lighter & retractions are cardiac signs. 5. R LOWER LIP - swellings =Lv. 6. CENTER CHIN = pancreas. Pc includes genitals 7. L LOWER LIP =Sp. 8. LIPS = Narrow tight lips =mesenchymal issues. SI LI 9. CENTER UPPER LIP Acid folds of gas, bloating, metabolism- St 10. CENTER BROW Conflict Acid folds from stress & conflict. LvGB


23 Part II TREATMENTS Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) does not treat individual health conditions since they are only symptoms of greater energy imbalances in the body. 1. The Regulatory Treatments resynchronize the overall 5 paired meridian systems. (Section 1) 2. Treating specific health issues (A-Z) releases negative emotions in targeted organs. (Section 2) 3. Rebalancing the meridian systems cures the disease. (Section 3)

24 SECTION 3: MERIDIAN BALANCING REBALANCING THE MERIDIAN SYSTEMS CURES THE DISEASE. Meridians are energy pathways that link the outside physical body to the inside spirit body. The meridians are closely linked to the nervous system and the nerve pathways that feed every organ and part of the body, yet they also control the flow of chi throughout the whole body-soul-spirit. When a meridian is out of balance, symptoms will show up. From 5 Paired Meridian Pathway table, MigHA are from LvGB imbalance. HOW TO BRING MERIDIANS INTO BALANCE: Meridian Tracing: A good way to balance the meridians is tracing the meridian pathways. Trace the pathway either by using a bingo magnet pointing the negative pole toward the skin to sedate, or by using the cool color. Each meridian has 2 sides--right and Left. Stroke both sides of each meridian in the cool color blue to sedate over-activity such as diarrhea, starting at RED and ending at GREEN. Stimulate an underactive bowel, or constipation, using the warm color orange tracing the Large Intestine meridian, beginning at GREEN and ending at RED. Sedate Strong Points-- Sedate strong points with a cool color or using magnet with (-) end toward skin. Stimulate Weak Points Tonify weak points with a warm color or using magnet with (+) end toward skin. Side to Side Balancing: this is done using complementary colors. For example, the Liver meridian has been detoxified. Now to balance the meridians, Violet is used to trace the Left side of the Liver meridian and Yellow on the Right.

25 LIVER-GALL BLADDER Anger is a powerful emotion that may produce migraine HAs, eye problems, myopathy or tendinitis. Meridian Underactive Warm Color Overactive Cool Color Liver Yellow Violet Gall Bladder Yellow Violet

26 STOMACH-SPLEEN Ever heard of the Worry-Wart that ends up with stomach ulcers? Meridian Underactive Warm Color Overactive Cool Color Stomach Orange Blue Spleen Orange Blue

27 KIDNEY-BLADDER Fear and anxiety are common in young children and can even be transferred from the parents to the unborn child while in the womb. Meridian Underactive Warm Color Overactive Cool Color Kidney Red Green Bladder Red Green An additional step, stroking 5 times on the Kidney/Bladder lines on the feet can clear unwanted antepartum emotions. 1. Kidney Line 5x 3 rd toe to heel on bottom of L&R foot Orange 2. Bladder Line 5x 5 th toe bunion to heel on side of L&R foot Yellow

28 LUNG-LARGE INTESTINE Grief or sorrow will settle in the lungs. Meridian Underactive Warm Color Lung Orange Blue Large Intestine Orange Overactive Cool Color Blue

29 HEART-SMALL INTESTINE The Heart should be full of Unconditional Love. This meridian should never be out of balance. If it is, then the others are as well, since the other meridians protect the Ht/SI at all costs. Meridian Underactive Warm Color Overactive Cool Color Heart Rose Turquoise Small Rose Turquoise Intestine

30 When there is light in the soul there will be beauty in the person. When there is beauty in the person, there will be harmony in the house. When there is harmony in the house, there will be order in the nation. When there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the world. --Old Chinese Proverb I-Ching Hexagram

31 For Further Information: The website has a copy of this presentation and a link to my Amazon e-books.