Celebrating the Past, Embracing the Future

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1 Celebrating the Past, Embracing the Future 1

2 Remarks from NCH Leadership The National Center for Homeopathy is grateful for the support we ve received this past year, and we are pleased to share our accomplishments for 2015 in this Annual Report. As you will see, contributions from generous donors who believe in our mission to promote health through homeopathy enabled us to make great strides in our program areas: education, advocacy, outreach, and community. Through the annual conference, webinars, publications, social media outreach, strategic alliances, educational programs, and other initiatives, we re continuing to serve homeopathy and all those whose lives it touches. This year s particular accomplishments include: Active engagement with the homeopathic community to respond to hearings by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Collection of 4,000 comments for the FDA request for comments on the use of OTC homeopathic medicines. Reached a record number of people more than 1 million! - through our publications, social media, conference, educational programs, and website. Dedication of a Pennsylvania historic marker at the site of Dr. Constantine Hering s home and office, now the Pennsylvania Convention Center, site of the 2016 Democratic National Convention. New board leadership structure to encourage participation and facilitate transitions. It is only with the help of our donors and community partners that we are able to fulfill our mission to keep homeopathy a viable option and expand its availability. Thank you for your continued contributions and for showing us that you believe in our work. Together, we will continue to accomplish great things. To your health, Ann Jerome, PhD, CCH, RSHom(NA) President Alison Teitelbaum, MS, MPH, CAE Executive Director 2

3 Who we are... For more than 40 years, the National Center for Homeopathy has served as the primary source of information for those who wish to learn about homeopathy. In 2015, we continued to expand and unite our community to create a healthier tomorrow. Our mission NCH is dedicated to promoting health through homeopathy by advancing the use and practice of homeopathy. Our focus areas Education NCH provides educational information, resources, and materials to homeopathic consumers, students and practitioners. Advocacy NCH strives to make homeopathy more accessible to the public by informing legislators and working to secure homeopathy s place in the U.S. health care system. Outreach NCH provides timely and accurate information and resources to an ever- growing community, and serves as a strong, collective voice for homeopathy in the United States. Our 2015 leaders Ann Jerome, PhD, CCH, RSHom(NA), President Joe Lillard, MPA, Vice President Edward Conway, MBA, Treasurer Loretta Butehorn, PhD, CCH, Secretary Abby Beale, CCH Sharlene Goldfischer, MEd, CPC, ELI-MP Lauren Hubele, Med Andrew Kaufman, ND Tina Quirk, RN, MS, PCH, RSHom(NA) 3

4 Our year in review NCH focused on mission efforts in 2015 by celebrating the past and embracing the future with homeopathy! NCH honored homeopathic history: On November 8, 2015 NCH dedicated a Pennsylvania State Historical Marker to honor the life and work of Dr. Hering, a pioneer in the fields of homeopathic research, education and practice. Adding to the magic and excitement of this special event, we were joined by Dr. Hering s great grandson, Conrad Hering Knerr, and most of Conrad s six daughters for the dedication. The marker sits at the site of Hering s home and office at the corner of 12th and Arch Streets, Philadelphia, PA. The NCH Board of Directors hopes that this marker will help to introduce homeopathy to thousands of new people each year! Mission Impact As a result of the incredible support from our donors, NCH spread the word on homeopathy to nearly 1 million people in 2015! Joint American Homeopathic Conference NCH continued to present the Annual Joint Homeopathic Conference, which took place May 8-10, 2015 in Philadelphia, PA. Achieving record high attendance, we welcomed over 350 attendees from across the US and around the globe to celebrate the 10th year of this exceptional event! We were excited to add a new feature to the conference experience, the Homeopathy Academy for Moms Live! Workshop & Marketplace. Those who enjoyed the Homeopathy Academy for Moms webinar series had the opportunity to attend in-person educational workshop sessions and visit with over 30 sponsors and exhibitors in the exhibit hall marketplace. Constantine Hering, MD 4

5 Website & Social Media Throughout the year we maintained our website to provide accurate and informative consumer content and continuously improved user navigation. Nearly 500,000 people visited our website this year, increasing visitation by 45%! The Find a Homeopath practitioner directory remains one of the two most popular sections of the website, with thousands of visits each month. The Find a Remedy section (added in 2013) consistently ranks as one of the two most popular sections of the website. Cough, cold, and flu remedies were the most searched-for remedies on our website. NCH experienced another banner year for social media growth, with platforms on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. YouTube is now our fastest growing social media site. 33,000+ Likes 3,000+ Followers 400+ Subscribers Facebook Likes (as of 12/31/15): 33,000+ Twitter Followers (as of 12/31/15): 3,000+ YouTube subscribers:

6 Publications We continued to publish our acclaimed magazine, Homeopathy Today. A total of four issues were published in print and digital, allowing viewers access to each edition on tablets, smartphones and computers. We also saw tremendous growth in the circulation of our monthly e-newsletter and now reach an audience of over 16,000 people! The e-newsletter continues to be an incredibly popular informational tool for novice and experienced homeopathic users alike. Public Webinars NCH celebrated a second year hosting the Homeopathy Academy for Moms Webinar Series, sponsored by Hyland s & Homeopathy. The series consisted of 8 webinars, which covered a wide range of acute topics, such as colds and flu; respiratory infections; homeopathy and pregnancy; earaches; and minor injuries. We are happy to report that we have reached more than 10,000 people to date through this exciting program. All webinars from this series were recorded and are currently viewable to the general public as videos on the NCH YouTube channel. Homeopathy Academy for Moms 2015 Webinars: Ease the Sneeze-N-Season: Homeopathy for Seasonal Allergies Lorri Anderson, CCH January 27, 2015 Homeopathy Happy: The Key to Resilience in Depression and Anxiety Jennifer Bahr, ND March 23, 2015 Homeopathy for Colic Kim Kalina, CCH, RSHom (NA) April 8, 2015 Homeopathy for Summer s Common Ailments Douglas Falkner, MD, MHom May 27, 2015 Homeopathy for Tooth Troubles Jhuma Biswas, CCH July 15, 2015 Natural Support for Athletes Tanya Renner, CCH RSHom(NA) August 25, 2015 Attention Deficit, Anxiety & Rage: An Autoimmune Issue? Jennifer Bahr, ND September 21, 2015 Homeopathy for Aging Adults (...the Age Gifted) Kathleen Slonager, RN, DiHOM, ADS, AE-C, CCH 6 November 17, 2015

7 Member Webinars NCH offered an additional 3 members-only webinars with intermediate to advanced content. These webinars are available to view online in the NCH webinar archives, and continue to be a valued member benefit. After logging in, current members may view the webinar archives by visiting: webinar-archive Members-Only 2015 Webinars: Triturations: Into the Heart of Homeopathy Anneke Hogeland & Judy Schriebman June 22, 2015 Homeopathic Treatment of the Acute Dental Abscess Dr. Gary Fortinsky February 9, 2015 Homeopathy as a Mindful Process Dr. Kenneth Silvestri September 14, 2015 Advocacy/Campaigns Homeopathy came under scrutiny from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in NCH worked with more than a dozen homeopathic organizations and industry manufacturers to strategically coordinate the community s response leading up to a 2-day hearing examining the manufacturing and labeling regulations of over-the-counter (OTC) homeopathic remedies. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, NCH was able to be on site during the entire proceeding and NCH s Executive Director was able to provide testimony on the first day describing consumers love of and positive attitudes about homeopathy. NCH also had representation on site throughout the FTC public workshop in September exploring how OTC homeopathic medicines are marketed to consumers. In addition, NCH fielded a survey of nearly 20,000 consumers who had purchased at least 1 OTC homeopathic medicine in the past 2 years to collect data on consumer behavior and attitudes around OTC homeopathic medicines. Results showed that: More than 95% of respondents indicated they were very or extremely satisfied with the most recent OTC homeopathic medicine they had purchased and used. More than 96% of respondents indicated they were OVERALL extremely satisfied or satisfied with the results of OTC homeopathic medicines that they had used in the past. Over 98% of respondents reported that they were very likely to purchase OTC homeopathic medicines again in the future. More than 97% of respondents indicated that they were very likely to recommend homeopathic medicines to others. NCH submitted this data to the FDA as a part of its overall comments and encouraged more than 4,000 concerned consumers to submit their own comments to FDA about their experiences and attitudes about OTC homeopathic medicines. 7

8 Our vision for the future NCH is dedicated to improving our programs and capabilities so that we may continue to spread the word on homeopathy, provide a foundation for the homeopathic community, and support the advancement of overall health through homeopathy. With that, we are excited to share some initiatives and goals for the coming year. Strengthen and Grow Our Community We at NCH are extremely grateful to have such a strong community of support, and to show our appreciation NCH will conduct a year-long initiative in 2016, the Healthy, Happy, Homeopathy Giveaway! Everyone who signs up to receive NCH s free monthly e-newsletter will be automatically entered into the giveaway, and winners will be drawn throughout the year to win amazing prizes from NCH. We look forward to strengthening existing connections and welcoming new members into the NCH community! NCH also plans to conduct a Community Outreach Project, a survey for the homeopathic community. The purpose of this initiative is to determine the current needs of the homeopathic community, to anticipate the future needs of the homeopathic community, and to identify NCH s role in meeting these needs. We are proud to be the voice of homeopathy and the response to the Community Outreach Project will clarify how NCH can best represent and provide for the needs of our constituents. Educate and Raise Awareness A large part of our mission is focused on spreading awareness of and providing education about homeopathy. In support of our mission, NCH continues to develop and distribute information and important updates on homeopathy. Moving forward, we will continue to create innovative and interactive ways to share news about homeopathy with the world and to grow our community. Additionally, we will update our most popular brochures to keep content fresh and to provide timely information on news and advancements in homeopathy. 8

9 Our supporters Our work could not be complete without the support of others who share our passion to promote and advance homeopathy. We thank each and every one of our supporters for their dedication to NCH and our mission Donors All of NCH s achievements and successes are a direct result of the incredible generosity and support of our donors. In 2015 NCH received $615,730 from 890 donors! We are honored to share testimony from our wonderful supporters throughout this report. We hope that you will take a moment to enjoy just a few of the amazing stories we ve heard from our NCH community about how their lives have improved by using homeopathy. We re thrilled to have had a hand in helping to educate so many people about using homeopathy at home and connecting them with skilled homeopathic practitioners. We offer our sincere thanks to our donors for their generosity. Donations in 2015: $615, Total Individual Donors: 890 $600, % Donations in 2015:...$615, Total Individual Donors: Individual Donations:...$600, (97.57%) Individual Members:...$58, (9.76%) Professional Members:...$11, (1.86%) Life Members:...$11, (1.96%) Non-member Individuals:...$27, (4.60%) Bequests:...$491, (81.82%) Organizational Donations:...$14, (2.43%) Member Organizations:...$5, (33.82%) Non-member Organizations:...$9, (66.18%) Inidividual Donations $14, % Organizational Donations 9

10 2015 Donors $10,000+ Mayme A. Biersner Toshu Jana Dale Edna Krockenberger Anne S. Lawton NCH would like to provide special recognition and thanks to those who have left a bequest to our organization. The legacy each person has left behind extends far beyond a financial gift, rather these individuals are contributing to a happy and healthy future for us all. We are extremely grateful for their dedication to our mission, our community, and to homeopathy. Indicates bequest $2,500 $4,999 Abby Beale, CCH, RSHom(NA) Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines April Eya Hahnemann Laboratories Inc. $1,000 $2,499 $500 $999 Academy of Classical Homeopathy Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund Neva G. Asplundh Valerie Brackett Arnold Cohen Ken Colen Claire Dwoskin CCH Jeanine E. Saperstein Priscilla Selsam Shamim Sherwani, DHMS, CP Anne Sidamon-Eristoff Cranston Smith Ronald D. Whitmont, MD, DABIHM, DABIM Ellen Castle-Tagliarino Cavalier Family Philanthropic Fund Evy Chipman Gary Cohen Ishnee Dupont Steven P. Goldsmith, MD Frances L. Hall Martha Meyer-Von Blon Anastasia Monyahan, RN, BSN Georgia Rosen Ellen Hall Saunders Robert Scherzinger, DHM Eliza Walbridge Lisa Freese National Philanthropic Trust Wrightson Ramsing Foundation Mary Heaney Teleosis Homeopathic Collaborative Steve Odes, RPh Joyce Pocras Tina Quirk, RN, MS, Rita M.W. Leach-Lewis, SF Sherron Marquina, DC 10

11 2015 Donors $250 $499 Jocelyn M. Allen Anita Anderson Paul E. Bergquist, MD Diana Bochenski, CVH, DVM Loretta Butehorn, PhD, CCH, FSHom Robert R. Canida, DDS Richard Cobb Mary Alice Cooper, MD Ann C. Darling Cynthia S. Delaski Donata Dow Sylvia Faddis, CCHom Suzanne Fromherz Alfred Greeley Ritva Halling Mary Hayes Bonnie Heidbrak, CCH, RPh, MBA, RMT, CHom Sandra Itterly James Jacobson Paula Jelinek, RN, BA, CCH, RSHom(NA) Susie Kessler Teresa J. Kramer, MEd Allen M. Kratz, MD Susan Kuney Amy L. Lansky, PhD Eileen LeFort C. Marie Levenson Kathryn M. Liebetreu Carlos & Inez Lind Yolanda Maciejewski Madison Area Homeopathic Association Catherine A. Malerich James Mattioda Loretta Michaelcheck Caren Morris National Christian Foundation Sherry Nauman Anthony P. Noto Sue Rockenbach Vickie Ryles, RN, BSN, CEO Jo Simoes Bernard P. Simon Pratap C. Singhal, MD DHt Janet M. Snider Nancy McCullough Stabins, RN, CNHP Margaret Walbridge Beth Warren Corey W. Weinstein, MD CCH Reuben S.F. Wong 11

12 2015 Donors $100 $249 Helene Adams RSHom(NA), FNP Katherine Endres Martin & Cessy Agegian Ken Brummel-Smith Jim Epstein Lynette Albrecht Helen Burnside J. Yusuf Q. Erskine, DO, PCH Betty Alexakis Joni Bush Hank Ferrell Lee Alexander Mary Byrd, RN Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Mary Ann Allan Cindy Campbell Alexander Fine, MD Margaret Allegretti Anthony D. Capobianco, DO Christine Fiordalis Mary Jo Aloi, CCH, PDHom(UK), PCH Eric Leventhal Arthen Frances Averitt Karen Bahrenburg Anne Bard Gregory V. Bark, DC Evelyn K. Barton Carol Ann Bates, DAc, AP, DOM, DNBHE Tena Bell Karel Beltman Wendy Beneke Ed & Sara Berg Jeannie Bernhards, MFA Robin Best Jack Binford Paula Black Donna M. Blair Stephen R. Blake, DVM, CVH, CVA B. Dee Blanco, DVM Jacqueline Blue H.M.V Bocock Marianne Brisbane Pam Brock Douglas Brown, CCH, Terry Carine Louise R. Carpenter, RN Faye Cerepa Mihir Chandaria Dennis G. Charnesky, DDS Wayne J. Chindemi Ron Chugerman Carol Clyne Todd A. Cooney, DVM, CVH Linda J. Cooper, MD Aniela Costello Daniel L. Cox Heather Crider, ND Kathy Dauer Marjorie L. Davis Martha DeMarco, CCH, RSHom(NA) Anita M. Dennison Catherine Derzay Barbara A. Dively Alice C. Dorrance Stephen M. Driscoll, DC Martha Eaton, DVM Erica Eddy Susan D. Elsom Elise McCrea Fischbacher, PhD, CCH Richard D. Fischer, DDS, FAGD Peggy Fitzgibbon Mitchell A. Fleisher, MD, DHt, DABFM, DcABCT Janice K. Foti Diana Franklin Margaret Gennaro, MD Partho Ghosh Robin Glantz Sheila Gonzales Jerry P. Gore, MD Rebecca Gove L. Susan Griffiths Bonnie Hamilton Cecelia Hard, MD Joan Hartung Michael E. Hawkins Eva Heiberg Lola Herbert Ann B. Herren Renita Herrmann, CCH, RSHom(NA) Adrienne Hirt Ernest R. Hochstetler 12

13 2015 Donors $100 $249 cont d Beverly Holt, MPH, RD Christine Kuhlman, ND Monika Nelson Homeopathic ASG of Lake County Charles A. Kunz Gale Nixon Swapna Honavar Karen Kurz-Riemer, MEd, CCH Mary North Linda Hopfinger Meredith Leventhal Mary Nunez, RN Lauren Hubele, MEd Sandra S. Levy Mary Ellen O Brien Peggy Hughes Dorothy A. Lewis Mary Opar Marion Hunt John Lewis James & Wenda O Reilly Jenny Hwozdek, CCH, RSHom(NA) Juan Jimenez Nancy C. Johnson Cecilie Jones Bonnie Kacher Anne Kahl-Rhyner Kae Kamiya Virginia Karpovich Jennifer Katz Andrew Kaufmann, ND Carol Kautzmann Patricia Kay, CCH, MA, HMC, CC Shelley Keneipp Ashok I. Khushalani, MD Sandra Kierzkowski Edith Kilchenstein Ellen V. Kire Judy Klein Birgit Kleinfeld A. James Klemmer, CHom Sybil Kramer Bonnie Kreitler Sherri Krohl Thomas A. Kruzel, ND Pamela Hoefer Lialias Amy E. Lockwood, CHom Donald E. & Anneliese Long Robert B. Luzader Karen & Andrew Lyke Will Lyman Karen I. Lyons, DVM Pedma Malin, DiHom Adah Marker Cheryl Marschak Hope Martin Francis May Ella M. McElwee, PhD, ND, HmD Davey Ann McEvers Alexia McKnight Nick McKnight Allen McMickle, AAPCH Henriette Meran Paul J. Millea, MD Marlin R. Miller Maria Moniz Alexsandra Motroni, MD Manjit S. Nagi, DVM Thom Namaya, FNP, CCH, RSHom(NA), DSci Robert I. Orenstein, DMD Pamela Ostrow Amit L. Patel Kate Patterson Deborah E. Patton Corina Pauta Kay Payeur Barbara Pecil Kathleen M. Pelton Sarah Qualman Elvira Quilter Vinay R. Ranade, MD, FACOG Elizabeth Reinke Catherine R. Reno Nanine Rhinelander, LAc Nancy Richard Suzanne Roberts Regina Roe William E. Rogers Coni Rosati Masha Rosen, CCH Nancy J. Ryan & Susan Rosengrant Padmini Sagar, MD Teresa Salvadore, DC DNBHE 13

14 2015 Donors $100 $249 cont d Lucinda Sayre, CCH J. Daniel Seckelmann Beverly Sewell John P. Shamrock, RN BSN Joan Shetterly E. Sidamon-Eristoff Kathleen Slonager, CCH, DiHom, RN, ADS, AE-C Stephanie Smart Gina Snyder Joan Marie St. Denis Joanne Stefanatos Hetzel, DVM Mary Stevens Ann Marie Stewart Susan Striepling Marcia G. Sutherland Joanne E. Taylor Shari Tedford, RN, BAN Siroos Teherani, CPA Alison Teitelbaum, MS, MPH, CAE Estela Thoesen Glenna Tinney Joyce Tschetter Helen Tsitouris, MD Charles Tucker, DDS Marie Turley Perin Vakharia C. Darlene VanEvery Beth VanSickle Frank Vassallo, DO Lucy Vaughters, PA-C, CCH Lucy Vecera Gerry Veeder Barbara Vilardi Joyce Wagner Ed & Virginia Walter Mary Grace Warner, MD, MD(H), CCH Suzanne C. Warren Desiree Watts Kyron K. Weed Diane Weigandt Judith Weiss Rosemary Welch Alexis White, CCH Judith White Kristina White-Buckley Grace R. Willis, DO Larry & Dixie Wilson Christina Wirebjer Greta J. Wittbrodt Barbara Wolfrum Chester Wood Jan Wooles Stefanie Ann Workman Edward Zalewski Natalia Zavadskaya, MD Eileen Zimmerly 14

15 2015 Donors $50 $99 Joan Adams Samantha Conboy, CCH Michael Gaul Linda York Agosta Elizabeth P. Connelly Sue Gelber, RSHom(NA), CCH Mahmood Ali Angela Amdur Richard Andrews Michele Arbogast Barbara Bansenauer Henry Barbey, CCH, RSHom(NA), MA Elena Barbre Danee Barnett Alice Bartholomew Sally Basler Dorit Ben-Ami, MD Julie Bernard JoAnn Bisone Theresa Crane Linda & James Crowell Jacqueline Damian-Borecky Pervin Davar Hemang Dave Joan M. Davis Diana B. Devine Prakaash Divecha Lynne Donnelly Margaret Easter, RN, RNC, CHC Paula Eder Marjorie J. Edwards, AC Regina Patterson Edwards, BA, LMT Oommen K. George, PhD, BA, DiHom Nina Gervais Brenda Giman Lynne Girdlestone Teresa Glick Martin P. Goldman, MD Yvonne Goodman A.C. Gormley Cynthia Goss Nora Gottlieb Bonita Grandal, ND, CNC, AADP Susan Greenberg Valerie J. Guell Laurene Hernon Bissell Lee F. Elliott, DO Debra Hall, LAc Connie Blair Sandra England Thalia V. Hall Corina B. Going, ND Frank J. Escobar Jane Hamilton Judith C. Booth Anna Fastenko, CCH Theora Hart Rachelle S. Bradley, ND Susan Fincke Kari Hedman Sherrin Bradley Kathy Fitzpatrick Christie Heller Vera Burnayev Helen Campbell Elena Cantavero Debbie Catz Stacy Chiulli Andrew Christensen Theresa Cirnigliaro Catherine B. Ciryak Judy Clark Savitri Clarke, LAC, CCH Lila & Samuel Flagler, NMD, DHANP, CCH Sigrid Flor Sharma Fox Lori Francisco David & Nina Freeman Francia Friendlich Sheila M. Frodermann, ND, DHANP, CCH Udayashankar Garadi Kathleen Hendrickson John L. Herr, ND, BCND Linda Hersey Susan Houston Deborah Howe, CST Ann Jerome, PhD, CCH, RSHom(NA) Albert L. Jordan Roxanne Junge Joan Kandel, DO, MD(H) 15

16 2015 Donors $50 $99 cont d Siri K. Kappus Judith Mack Joan Powelson Helen V. Kee Diane Magnusson Marylou Powers Kim Keeter Jean Makar Elizabeth Ramm Nancy A. Keller, DVM Barbara Mallon Meredith Ransohoff Carole W. Kidd Nancy Massotto Kathryn J. Reaser Susie Killian Zenaida M. Mata II, MD Marnie Reasor Dan Kirby Lora Maurer Rebecca Rehorn Suzanne Kirby Gail McDonald-Tune Maria Ringo Alexandra F. Knox Sharon McDonough-Means, MD Pamela Robbins Mary Lou Kowal Jackie McFadden Hilda Rodgveller Sharon Krengel Margaret McLaughlin, LCH, HMA Clark Rollins David Kricker Joy S. McQueen Veronica Roth Samuel Krinsky, MD, PhD, DHM Mary Ellen Meagher Odette Ruggieri John Kriz Patty Meyer Susan Salce, ND, MH, CCN Carole Krones Robert D. Milne, MD Olga Saletsky Wendie Kruthers Sarah Monnin Vipon Sarda Kavitha Kukunoor, BHMS, CCH, RSHom(NA) Karen Kunkler, ND, DHANP Luba LaForge Margaret Lamb Anca Lamse, MD Kiera Lane, NMD, LAc, DiplAc, FABORM Patricia Laub Anne Lazor Lesley Lewis Amnery Ley Laurie Little Aimee Long Frances R. Lord, LPN, LMT Janice Lyle Julie E. Montanea Raymond E. Moore Grace Morgan Heidi Mueninghoff Nancy Nelson Dale Nepsa Scott C. Nicholson Virginia Nickerson Dahlia Orshalimian Shemtob, HD, CCH Penny Pacheco Lorette Palfrey Gaurang Pandya Nancy Peterson Edward Phillips Alice Poseley Jane Scheffler, DVM Susan M. Schimmel, DHom Sherry Schold Marlene Schroeder Michele M. Searing Michalene Seiler, RSHom(NA), CCH Harold Sexson, CBS, LSHC, QBS Sucheta D. Shah, LAc, LCh, BHMS Catherine Shea Annette Sims L.C. Slack Miriam K. Slifkin Lorraine Smith Anat Sneh Diane L. Snyder 16

17 2015 Donors $50 $99 cont d Frederick J. Soroka, DC Anais Starr Jeffrey Starre, MD Sue Stout Frank Stramaglia Christine Strasser, RN John & Dottie Stratton Bettie J. Stuber, DC Sarah Sullivan Jane Swank Pamela R. Swanson III, RN, CCH, RSHom(NA) Caryl Taylor Ladonna C. Taylor Sunny Taylor The Prudential Foundation Carol Thorsen Neda Tomasevich Mary A. Tracy Lois P. Trave, RN, CDMS Patricia Trout Kenneth A. Unice, DO Anita Van Nevel James & Adaline Wallar Sally M. Weatherly Michelle Welch Mark Wheat Bonney T. Wikkering Lois Williams Marian Wilson Gail Wingate Diane M. Yamamoto Ouadfel 17

18 Membership & Community Supporters Membership breakdown by category: Individual: 82% Professional/Organizational: 17% Life: 1% Community Supporters We increased the number of active NCH supporters by +240% (total of >16,000 constituents) The overwhelming sense of unity within the homeopathic community and among NCH members is truly inspiring. NCH is excited to continue providing programs that support this enthusiastic group in achieving health through homeopathy. We offer thanks to all of our valued members and supporters! NCH Partners In 2015, we maintained our partnerships with the Holistic Moms Network, the Integrative Healthcare Symposium, and ShareCare. We also established new relationships with Alliance for Natural Health and Consumer Health Products Association. Our relationships with these organizations provide us with access and exposure to hundreds of thousands of new people, establishing new opportunities for NCH to be an authoritative voice for homeopathy. 18

19 Celebrating the Past, Embracing the Future Joint American Homeopathic Conference Sponsors and Exhibitors May 8-10, 2016, Loews Philadelphia Hotel, Philadelphia, PA The Joint American Homeopathic Conference (JAHC) is a collaborative event that brings together the largest gathering of homeopaths in the United States. Each year we are honored to provide an opportunity to unite our community for a fun weekend where we learn, connect, and engage with one another. This event would not be possible without the participation of our sponsors and exhibitors, who share their knowledge and services to help our community thrive and grow. We are extremely grateful for the following sponsors and exhibitors of the 2015 JAHC: Homeopathy Accreditation Commission for Homeopathic Education in North America Academy of Classical Homeopathy Archibel Aura Rose Boiron Council for Homeopathic Certification Free & Healthy Children International Hanhnemann Labs Hevert Pharmaceuticals Holly Botanical Aromatherapy Homeolab Homeopathic Nurses Association Homeopaths Without Borders Honey Rose Organic Soaps & Body Products Hylands Jema Hart Jewels Mama May I Maryland University Integrative Health North American Society of Homeopaths Natural Health Supply Rogue Polish Sanjeevita by Audubon, LLC Synergy Teleosis Homeopathic The Pond of Stars The Random Tea Room & Curiostiy Shop Theime Publishers TxOptions Washington Homeopathic Products Willow Homeopathy Education Earth Balance Frey Vineyards Martindale s Natural Market Vegetarian Times 19

20 Financial report For the year ended December 31, Audited. CURRENT ASSETS Current Assets CASH AND CASH EQUIVALENTS $207, 192 INVESTMENTS $1,662,182 ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE $10,591 PREPAID EXPENSES $4,111 TOTAL ASSETS $1,884,076 ASSETS Liabilities and Net Assets Current Liabilities Accounts Payable... $6,705 Deferred Income... $122,393 Accrued Expenses... $16,256 Total Current Liabilities... $145,354 Net Assets Unrestricted NCH Reserve Fund... $611,656 Total Unrestricted... $611,656 Temporarily Restricted Cox Education Fund... $611,656 Homeopathy Today Endowment... $124,127 Legal Defense Fund... $87,456 Samuel Jones Fund... $222,980 Total Temporarily Restricted... $627,067 Permanently Restricted Homeopathy Today Endowment... $500,000 Total Permanently Restricted... $500,000 20

21 Financial report For the year ended December 31, Audited % INCOME 19.88% 13.44% 1.36% 0.07% 0.02% $130,423 $633,090 $192,920 $649 $13,216 $173 Total Income $970, % Conference Fundraising Membership Programs/ Publication Miscellaneous Education INCOME & EXPENSES Departmental Expenses Conference...$220, % Fundraising...$102, % Membership...$107, % Programs/Education...$29, % Publication...$119, % General & Administrative...$80, % Total Expenses...$661, % Net Income(Loss) Operations...$309, % Investment Income...$1, % Total Change in Net Assets...$310, % 21