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1 Here Is The Severe Back, Sciatica, And Disc Pain Guide That You Requested. While most people get over their back pain quickly, get back to work, and really get on with their lives, others (possibly like you) will continue to suffer, losing time at work, and missing precious moments with family and friends. Some will have severe back pain that is completely devastating and renders them disabled. If this describes you, then this Severe Back, Sciatica, And Disc Pain Guide is for you. Dear Severe Neck, Back, or Leg Pain Sufferer, Did you know That many patients have told me that their doctors still believe that their back pain was not very serious, that it had little effect on their quality of life, and generally should go away in about a month without any or little treatment at all. Did you know Some have even told me their doctors said they really had a psychological problem. Did you know Most of the conventional wisdom about back pain is inaccurate? Did you know...a 2005 article in the prestigious orthopedic journal Spine studied patients who suffered with lower back pain and/or sciatica. 99% of the patients were told that they would get either a moderate or great improvement in their quality of life after the surgery. But the study found that in reality 39% did not even have minimally important improvement. Did you know One scientific study from 2004 showed that there was improvement in the short term with injections, but when the patients were checked two years later, over two thirds of these patients had undergone additional invasive procedures? So there was a 2/3 chance that you eventually end up with an invasive spinal surgery following injections. Did you know There's a term that is used a lot in orthopedic and medical circles- "Failed Back Surgery Syndrome." The greatest risk factors for having a second back operation is having one in the first place. And the greatest risk factor for having a third operation is having two previous sessions under the knife. But I have to give a note of caution here

2 There ARE cases where surgery will be your only and best option but these are called emergencies, such as when a disc compresses the nerves so badly in your lower back that you lose bowel or bladder function; or when there is numbness where you sit on your backside-this is called saddle anesthesia or numbness and it's important to be aware of this type of emergency problem. But 99% will never experience these symptoms but suffer in a way that is not quite an emergency but feels like an emergency because the pain just never goes away. Hello, My name is Dr. Christopher Miller, D.C. and I want to take a moment to explain the back and leg pain world for those who have not experienced it. I want to show you the research, the facts that demonstrate what a severe problem back pain is for many of those who suffer from it. And possibly why after so many failed treatments and months and years of suffering, you, like the thousands of fellow sufferers who ve requested this report are still suffering in pain. This guide is about facts - not a bunch of hot air. You ve gotten too much of that already - from caring friends with whatever "worked for them" and maybe even some doctors and therapists who assume that they are always the that saying, If your only tool is a hammer sometimes everything looks like a nail. I think this guide will be a breath of fresh air and hopefully guide you to a potentially better solution for your severe neck, back, or leg pain, one you may have not even considered or even heard of - a treatment your doctor has probably never discussed or even known about and one that is used in a small percentage of clinics in the United States. A small fraction of the approximately 1,000,000 health care providers in the U.S. are using this technology. If You Dispute Any Of The Claims Made In This Guide, Then Just Look Up The References At The End Or Discuss This Information With A Competent Doctor. Now Let s Get Started The Back Pain Epidemic Our government is looking for answers to this "epidemic" and starting "national strategies" and "campaigns" to combat back pain. About 40% of adults will have back pain in the past month and anywhere from 60 to 90% will have back pain at some point in their lives. These facts come from studies all over the world, The United States, Canada, Sweden and other countries are working overtime studying this back pain epidemic. There May Very Well Be A Solution For Your Neck, Back, or Leg Pain

3 Just because something like back pain is so common, it doesn t mean there aren t potential solutions out there for you. Many back pain sufferers give up too early and believe that they will have a life of pain; that there is nothing that can be done. I understand. Severe back or leg pain can cause a bad attitude or perspective which is very self-destructive for you and your life. This alone can be a serious problem. Not because it's in your head. But because a bad attitude might keep you from learning about relatively new and little known advancements in back pain treatment. Or make you start to disengage from life. Inactivity will generally make chronic back problems worse. Considering Back Surgery? You might be thinking that severe chronic back pain can be fixed with surgery. It seems logical at first thought. Why can't the surgeon just remove the painful thing in my lower back - just get rid of it - like taking out a tumor? Unfortunately even surgeons today recognize that back pain alone is generally not a good indication for spinal surgery. No surgeon worth his weight in salt would recommend surgery for someone with back pain. Let's explore this option more thoroughly, because you may be sitting on the fence with this or may have already scheduled yourself for elective spinal surgery. You probably have at least thought about spinal surgery, especially if you've had back pain for a long time or the leg pain is just unbearable - but I do not want you to give up hope. Tackling back problems is difficult so you need to persevere - and give it time and effort. You need to at least have hope for a conservative option. Your determination to try everything possible, and give it a real chance before going under the knife, will mean everything to your chances for success. Anything less can lead to a downward spiral of pain and potentially lifetime disability. At best, spinal surgery should only be used by those who have tried everything else, have excruciating leg pain, or something called neurological deficits (like foot drop). Even in cases like these, surgery is no panacea (no cure-all). But you probably already know that - you've heard from friends about the results of their spinal surgery and you doubt that this is the best choice for you. But there's something between the option of drastic, unproven, and irreversible spinal surgery and just doing nothing at all - which is where you are probably sitting. But first, let s discuss the 5 back pain myths

4 Five Back Pain Myths 1. Back pain goes away quickly 2. Back pain is a trivial problem 3. Pills (NSAIDs and muscle relaxers) are safe and effective for your back pain 4. Bed rest is good for you 5. The pain is the problem Myth #1: Back pain goes away quickly Medical doctors were thoroughly convinced of this myth. A patient would typically hurt his back, go see the doctor, get a prescription for some pain pills, and then never return. Physicians thought that if the patient never came back, then they must have been cured. But no one ever thought to ask the patient and follow-up on how they were doing. One study did just that, and found out that a whopping 75% of patients will still have back pain a year later. Many patients will also go to see other therapists and chiropractors, and never tell their family medical doctor about what they are doing about it, and how the pain still affects their life. Myth #2: Back pain is a trivial problem I mean it's just an aching back, right? Take two pills and call me in the morning, right? It's hard to get sympathy from your friends when you're not bleeding or bed-ridden. But there is research that shows just how serious back pain affects your quality of life. One study showed that physical functioning (how we live and move) in patients with back pain is very bad. Much worse in fact than people who have heart disease, stomach ulcers, and even emphysema. So if you think your life has been completely turned upside down by your back pain, there is a very good reason why you think this: IT HAS!

5 Myth #3: Pills (NSAIDs and muscle relaxers) are safe and effective for your back pain I wish it were this easy. "Take two pills and call me in the morning," as the doctor would say. There are a few reasons why this approach does not work and that in fact, taking this type of approach could lead to serious complications with your health. NSAIDs is an abbreviation for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. They're not steroids (like cortisone) and are thought to be less toxic to the body. They are for the most part, but being less toxic doesn't mean something is safe especially if you take NSAIDs for a long time. These drugs can be purchased "over the counter" and by "prescription." The ones that are only available with a doctor's prescription are much more powerful in their effect and can cause more complications. People with back problems generally suffer over many years and even decades. NSAIDs can cause bleeding in your stomach and intestines and lead to ulcers. Kidney injury is another complication, which increases with the number of pills consumed. These complications are seen in those who consume them for many years. Check the information that comes with the prescription - you'll see it all there printed in black & white. If it's an "over the counter" product like ibuprofen you can read it on the side of the bottle. Important: If you like to have a few drinks during the week to relax - the two after dinner martinis, then liver problems can also occur. And when I say liver problems, the problem could be liver failure, which might mean a liver transplant for you. You may have seen ads on TV for various drugs (cholesterol drugs for example) with cautionary phrases such as "simple blood tests will be needed to see if you have liver problems." It's very deceptive to the public. Yes the blood test is "simple," but liver failure is not a simple problem. So that's safety. The other problem with NSAIDs is they have not been shown to be effective in good clinical trials. Given the amount of consumption of NSAIDs in society today (truckloads), for everything from back pain, to headaches, to painful periods, we should be in pain-free nirvana by now but we aren't! I am sure you have already tried these pills and found them not to be effective. Myth #4: Bed rest is good for you I wish this were true - taking to bed for a week until the back pain heals up. It wasn't too long ago that medical doctors would prescribe two weeks of bed rest for back pain. It certainly seems logical at first glance. Maybe it hurts to move, to sit, to stand,

6 and resting an injured area seems like the right thing to do to protect it. But logic can be deceptive when it comes to back pain. What's more, logic doesn't stand a chance to scientific studies and there are plenty when it comes to bed rest. The jury is completely in on this question: inactivity will actually make back pain much, much worse. It will de-condition your spinal muscles and make them weaker, which will mean more pain and less function for you. You've heard of "placebo effects", right? - sugar pill (not the real thing) that the patient "believes" will work. This belief is very powerful and can make pain better. The mind has a powerful influence on the body. Bed rest is not considered a "placebo" treatment. Instead it's called a nocebo - meaning that it's not just ineffective, but it will actually make your pain much worse! Myth #5: The pain is the problem Pain is a signal that there is something wrong with your body. It tells you to "be careful" to "get attention." It's kind of like a fire alarm. It's not the fire. When a house is burning, do the firefighters just show up to cut the fire alarm and expect the inferno will stop? Of course not! But that's just how many people approach back pain - cut the fire alarm. A U.S. government guideline from back in 1994 attempted to dispel this myth. The guideline talks about low back problems not just low back pain. Problems can be how you function, how your spine moves, and the actual structure(s) in your back that are injured. Pain is in your head. The problem is the spine and it's important to have your problem(s) examined objectively. Sitting in a chair and getting handed a prescription for some pain pills after you tell your pain story is not a proper or thorough examination. Medical doctors have taken this approach for many years, simply because it was all they knew to do. If you want to begin to solve your back problem, you need to first have a comprehensive and thorough examination to figure out the diagnosis. Only then can treatment be directed to the problem vs. the pain. So what do I have to offer in my clinic for the severe neck, back, sciatica, disc and leg pain sufferer? I am using a new treatment in my office called true non-surgical spinal decompression. The device is called the DRX9000C and is based on the theory that decompressing your spine is one way that disc spaces can be increased and disc protrusions may be reduced.

7 Spinal Decompression is much different than conventional traction... Although traction has been around for thousands of years, the science has shown it to just not be very effective. In fact, in some areas of the body, such as the neck, getting traction can be a risk factor for more severe problems down the road. In the case of the lower back, it has not been shown to reduce disc bulges, get you back to work, or lower your pain. One of the theories as to why this is the case, is the effect of your back muscles in resisting the pull when traction is applied. The distraction forces come on much differently with the DRX9000C. The machine is constantly sensing your muscles resistance to the distraction forces. When your muscles contract, the machine backs off a bit. When they "let go", it pulls more. Also the forces are cycled, and ramped up and down in an attempt to "confuse" your muscles so that maximal decompression is achieved. The machine uses very sophisticated technology to achieve this. The DRX9000C is not your grandfather's traction! Or the same as hanging upside down, or perhaps other devices you may have tried in the past. Here s what the DRX9000C looks like...

8 The DRX9000C is also different from other decompression technologies. On the DRX9000C the patient always lays face up with the knees bent and support rests underneath the shoulders. You do not grip onto anything with your hands during the treatments, which can be tiring for some patients. With the DRX9000C the angle of decompression can be adjusted to affect different lumbar levels in your lower spine or different cervical levels in your neck. What is the theory behind decompression? How does it work? An experimental study has shown that in non-degenerated, but bulging discs (something your MRI or CT scan would show), decompression can lower the pressure inside the disc. This negative pressure may then draw or suck the displaced disc material more towards the center of the disc and away from your nerves. For many patients this can mean pain relief because a compressed nerve is a painful nerve. If the pressure on the nerve is released, it can begin to heal. The DRX9000C is designed to assist the body's natural tendency to heal itself because Mother Nature sometimes needs a little help. If the disc can be moved even a small amount away from the nerve, this can be enough to decrease inflammation and irritation. We need more studies to fully understand why patients can improve when they receive this type of treatment and which types of disc problems respond the most. What about the evidence or research behind Spinal Decompression? One study with a decompression machine showed a marked reduction in disc herniations or protrusions in 71% of patients. Not everyone was helped, but remember, these were patients with chronic long-term problems. When a treatment may help even a fraction of the patients with these types of back and leg pain where nothing else has worked, you should take notice. The protrusions were shown to change and were measured using MRI technology. The study which specifically used the DRX9000C was published in the Orthopedic Technology Review. It is a study of 219 patients. The patients had a variety of different problems. Some had single level disc herniations, and others had multiple levels that were bulging. Some had more back than leg pain and others had mostly sciatica. The patients encompassed a large spectrum of different kinds of problems, and levels of pain:

9 1. single lateral herniation...67 cases 2. single central herniation...22 cases 3. single lateral herniation with disc degeneration...32 cases 4. single central herniation with disc degeneration...24 cases 5. more than one herniation with disc degeneration...17 cases 6. more than one herniation without disc degeneration...57 cases None of the patients had previous back surgery and 73 of them had received epidural injections for back problems. The study looked at how they responded to the DRX9000C in terms of pain, disability, and physical findings including range of motion, and neurological function. The results were that about 86% of the patients obtained substantial relief. That is a very large percentage in terms of anything else that is out there. The study was blinded so that the researchers didn't have certain knowledge about some aspects of the patient care. However, the study does not have a control group, so I cannot make strong statements about how this treatment may affect you. There are currently studies ongoing to more fully evaluate the safety and effectiveness of the DRX9000C. As is usually the case in health care, evidence is somewhat limited, but I think the DRX9000C is worth considering for a couple of reasons: First, there are virtually no treatments in back care today that are supported by large-scale, controlled, double blinded, randomized clinical trials. That may come as a shock to you but most doctors, medical or chiropractic, really cannot cite great evidence for things they do day in and day out. Physical therapists, acupuncturists, massage therapists - all who treat back problems- are pretty much in the same evidence boat, so to speak. Maybe that's why there are as many different treatments available as there are doctors. Or why you sometimes feel like you're going through a maze looking for some cheese when trying to deal with this very common problem. The second reason you should carefully weigh the evidence for spinal decompression is because of the well-established scientific facts on the risks of spinal surgery. If there's one thing research has shown, it is that surgery, except in extremely rare emergency situations, simply does not work unless you have:

10 1. numbness where you sit down 2. bowel and bladder problems, or 3. severe neurological deficits (such as foot drop or loss of muscle control) Without the symptoms listed above, your decision to have back surgery is considered an elective procedure and may not be necessarily needed. That is why it is important that you exhaust your conservative options first. There is a dismal lack of evidence that surgery is effective, and surgery will create permanent changes in your spine. What's more, several studies have shown that doing nothing at all, works just as well, and sometimes even better, than doing spinal surgery and taking pain pills for the rest of your life doesn't seem like a good option either - since there are major bleeding risks and kidney problems associated with their long-term use. Your disc must be damaged for the DRX9000C treatment to be indicated. Right now, I don't even know if you're a good candidate for the DRX9000C TM. Frail people should not receive DRX9000C treatment. If you have severe osteoporosis, this treatment should not be used. Other patients may have rare problems, such as cancer, that is causing the back and leg pain. These rare diseases have to be ruled out before undergoing the DRX9000C treatment. Pregnant women are also not good candidates for decompression because they will have laxity of their ligaments in the third trimester. The only way I can know if you're a good candidate is do A DRX9000C Candidate Assessment In my office I use all the tools necessary to thoroughly diagnose your problem. I analyze your nervous system with conventional techniques, checking to see if you have muscle problems (motor), changes in your reflexes, and whether your nerves are so injured, you're losing sensations in your legs and feet. I will check your range of motion because movement dysfunction is so common in patients with back problems. This will help me determine just how much function has been lost and give me important goals for your treatment. I will also palpate your back to see where the tenderness and swelling is located.

11 It is important that I find the actual level in your spine that is causing the problems, because if you are a candidate, the DRX9000C will then be used at the affected disc(s). I will review your MRI or CT scans and x-rays, or if necessary refer you to an imaging center to get them, because the DRX9000C is designed to reduce disc bulges. Your quality of life is important to you and me, so I will measure just how your back and leg pain has affected your daily life. I use the most scientific instruments to assess how your life has changed - ones that are used in the best scientific studies. I will then use these measurements again to see if your treatment is working. This is a much more objective (evidence-based) way of practicing, instead of working on simple hunches. Quality of life is very important to patients and cannot be measured with a simple pain scale (1-10). I will measure your quality of life with an instrument called the PDQ, which not only looks at bodily pain, but also physical functioning, general health, vitality, emotional and mental health. It has been found that many of these issues are affected by back problems - even more so than disease of the heart and respiratory systems. The other questionnaire we use relates to low back disability and is called an Oswestry instrument. This DRX9000C CANDIDATE ASSESSMENT normally costs $ As an incentive for you to determine if you are a candidate for the DRX9000C, I will offer you this for the extremely discounted rate of $49. But you must contact my office in the next twelve days. That way you can at least find out if you're a candidate for the treatment. All that is needed is some of your time - about an hour, to do the examinations necessary to see if the DRX9000C might work for you. What have you got to lose, except maybe your pain? Sincerely, Dr. Christopher A. Miller, D.C. P.S.- Give my office a call today at and see if the DRX9000C is the potential solution for your neck or back, sciatica, disc and leg pain. Call now! $49 DRX9000C CANDIDATE ASSESSMENT OFFER EXPIRES IN TWELVE DAYS

12 Scientific References Gionis TA, Groteke E. The outcome of a clinical study evaluating the effect of nonsurgical intervention on symptoms of spine patients with herniated and degenerative disc disease is presented. Spinal Decompression, Orthopedic Technological Review. 2003; 5(6)[Nov/Dec]: Ramos G, Martin W. Effects of vertebral axial decompression on intradiscal pressure. J neurosurg 1994;81: Sherry E, Kitchener P, Smart R. A prospective controlled study of VAX-D and TENS for the treatment of chronic low back pain. Neurol Res 2001;23: Guehring T, Unglaub F, Lorenz H, et. al. Intradiscal pressure measurements in normal discs, compressed discs and compressed discs treated with axial posterior distraction: an experimental study on the rabbit lumbar spine model. Eur Spine J 2006;15: Bigos S, et al. Acute Low Back Problems in Adults, Clinical Practice Guideline No. 14. Rockville, MD: U.S. Public Health Service, U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, AHCPR pub. No , Dec LeBlanc AD, Evans HJ, Schneider VS, Wendt RE, Hedrick TD. Changes in intervertebral disc cross-sectional area with bed rest and space flight. Spine 1991;19: Naguszewaki WK, Naguszewaki RK, Gose EE. Dermatomal somatosensory evoked potiential demonstration of nerve root decompression after VAX-D therapy. Neurol Res 2001 Oct;23(7): Gose EE, Naguszewski WK, Naguszewski RK. Vertebral axial decompression therapy for pain associated with herniated or degenerated discs or facet syndrome: an outcome study. Neurol Res 1998;20: Gay RE, Bronfort G, Evans RL. Distraction manipulation of the lumbar spine: a review of the literature. J Manipulative Physiol Ther 2005;28: Graz B, Wietlisbach V, Porchet F, Vader JP. Prognosis or "curabo effect?" physician prediction and patient outcome of surgery for low back pain and sciatica. Spine. 2005;15;30: Guyer RD,Patterson M, Ohnmeiss DD. Failed back surgery syndrome: diagnostic evaluation. J Am Acad Orthop Surg. 2006;14(9): Buttermann GR. The effect of spinal steroid injections for degenerative disc disease Spine J. 2004;4: Hazard RG. Failed back surgery syndrome: surgical and nonsurgical approaches. Clin Orthop 2006;443: Croft PR, Macfarlane GJ, Papageorgiou AC, Thomas E, Silman AJ. Outc ome of low back pain in general practice: a prospective study. BMJ 1998;316: Reginster JY. The prevalence and burden of arthritis. Rheumatology [Oxford] 2002;41(suppl.]:3-6.

13 Listen To What These FORMER Disc Bulge, Herniated Disc, Sciatica and Disc Degeneration Sufferers Have To Say About Dr. Miller The DRX9000C and Their Results!!! Dr. Miller s DRX Program has been excellent for me. My headaches are gone and I can rotate my neck further. My lower back is also much better. Dr. Miller and staff are very thorough and concerned about your health and pain. Mr. David York Roofer years old -- Sparta, MI My favorite part of Dr. Miller s DRX Program are the treatments on the DRX9000. It has helped me by relieving my hip discomfort so I can stand better. Now I can use my weed eater again! I haven t had to use any pain medication since I started the program! Mr. Dennis Johnson Retired years old -- Paw Paw, MI I have already recommended this program to others because it seems to be the best option when facing back surgery. I now have less pain and a stronger back which has enabled me to be active again. Dr. Miller s candid and clear explanation of back pain and my symptoms was enlightening. The atmosphere in the office was always upbeat and the staff is always cheerful and considerate. Mr. Bill Henderson Sales years old -- Fennville, MI I feel so much better with no meds. When I test my back I want to shout from the roof top! So far so good. Thank you!! Mr. Tim O Boyle -- Manufacturing years old -- Lowell, MI What Are You Waiting For? Call Total Health Chiropractic at and See If You Are A Candidate For This FDA Cleared, Non-Surgical Treatment!

14 Listen To What These FORMER Disc Bulge, Herniated Disc, Sciatica and Disc Degeneration Sufferers Have To Say About Dr. Miller The DRX9000C and Their Results!!! Dr. Miller has an excellent and friendly staff who show sincere concern for the patient s comfort. Dr. Miller s DRX Program did exactly what I was told it would do. MY BACK FEELS GREAT! I am completely happy with the success of this program. It has saved me from having to take an early retirement. I was in that bad of shaped when we started. I would like to thank Dr. Miller and his staff THANK YOU!! Mr. Daryl Shortz Tool & Die years old - - Caledonia, MI Dr. Miller s DRX Program helped me a lot. I didn t think it would help me this much but IT DID! My left leg has NO MORE PAIN! I recommend this to anybody with similar problems. Mrs. Jasmina Bilalic Stay at home mom years old - - Grand Rapids, MI I am an active outdoorsman. Although I had to drive 2 hours per day, Dr. Miller and his staff made me feel comfortable. Because of Dr. Miller s DRX Program my low back pain has been reduced and I can now move freely. I am looking forward to resuming my favorite activities. This program has allowed me to continue with my active lifestyle! Mr. Ed Bomer Retired years old - - Nashville, MI I enjoyed coming in. The girls are so friendly. I feel I got good treatment. Every day there was less pain, I can do things now that I couldn t do before. Dr. Miller s DRX Program has helped me a lot! Mrs. Joyce England Retired years old - - Hudsonville, MI What Are You Waiting For? Call Total Health Chiropractic at and See If You Are A Candidate For This FDA Cleared, Non-Surgical Treatment!

15 Listen To What These FORMER Disc Bulge, Herniated Disc, Sciatica and Disc Degeneration Sufferers Have To Say About Dr. Miller The DRX9000C and Their Results!!! I have had low back and leg pain for years. Dr. Miller s DRX Program is the only treatment that has given me relief! I can turn over in bed without it hurting. Now I can get a good night sleep. I can also go for walks again! I want to mention the good service that is given by all. Dr. Miller is right on track with his program. Every part of it was to my benefit. Mr. George Banfill Retired years old - - St. James City, FL Dr. Miller s DRX Program works great! When I was on the DRX9000C all of my pain disappeared. I even fell asleep during the treatments because my pain was gone. Before I began the program I was scheduled for surgery. I was in a lot of pain and could not use my right arm. Now my pain has disappeared and I can use my right arm again. I am able to get a good night s rest with out pain. I am back doing the things I like and have to do. I no longer need surgery!! Mr. Dale Sieting Retired years old - - Kentwood, MI When I started Dr. Miller s DRX Program, I was unable to sleep at night and was nearly confined to a wheelchair. I had to take so many prescription pills for pain that I was essentially rendered a vegetable. I was nearly paralyzed from a spinal disc injury. Now I am active and not in chronic pain. I can sleep through the night, and the rest I am able to get rejuvenates me all day. My spine is getting healthier every day and I am so grateful! I have gotten a part of my life back! Thanks for helping me!! Miss Ashley Brown Entrepreneur years old - - Allendale, MI Before I started Dr. Miller s DRX Program, I had pain in my shoulder and hands. My range of motion in my arms was limited by sharp pains in my shoulders. Now that my treatments are over I have free movements in my arms, the sharp pains are gone, and my hands are free of pain as well. The treatments were relaxing and I feel very good about the way I was cared for. Mr. Doug Glashower Painter years old - - Hudsonville, MI What Are You Waiting For? Call Total Health Chiropractic at and See If You Are A Candidate For This FDA Cleared, Non-Surgical Treatment!

16 Listen To What These FORMER Disc Bulge, Herniated Disc, Sciatica and Disc Degeneration Sufferers Have To Say About Dr. Miller The DRX9000C and Their Results!!! I recommend Dr. Miller s DRX Program to anyone with a herniated disc. I now have less low back and leg pain. Dr. Miller and his staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. Mrs. Anita Agrela Retired years old - - Grand Junction, MI If you have a herniated disc with leg pain that prevents you from standing or walking, I would recommend Dr. Miller s DRX Program. I made the drive and it worked! I can now sit, walk, and stand. The program is only as good as the doctor makes it (Dr. Miller!) Mr. Mick Noonan Musician years old - - Jenison, MI Dr. Miller s DRX Program has enabled me to resume normal daily activities. I can now depend on myself instead of others. I have weaned myself from pain meds and am now more clear headed. I looked forward to coming in each day as my body responded to the DRX treatments. If you follow Dr. Miller s program, it will work! Miss Stacie Schmidt Pharmacy Technician years old - - Wyoming, MI Dr. Miller s DRX Program worked very well for me. I can walk again! My pain has gone from a 10 to a 1! I don t need to take meds anymore. Because I can now stand up and walk, I can lead a normal life with family and friends. Dr. Miller and his staff were always very helpful and welcoming. Mrs. Linda Boehm Retired years old - - Saranac, MI What Are You Waiting For? Call Total Health Chiropractic at and See If You Are A Candidate For This FDA Cleared, Non-Surgical Treatment!

17 Listen To What These FORMER Disc Bulge, Herniated Disc, Sciatica and Disc Degeneration Sufferers Have To Say About Dr. Miller The DRX9000C and Their Results!!! The most important thing is I HAVE LESS PAIN! My pain has decreased each week. I am 90% better because of Dr. Miller s DRX Program. It was very relaxing. The entire staff is very friendly and professional. Mr. Tom Andrews U.S. Postal Service years old - - Lowell, MI When I began using the DRX my life was filled with depression and pain because I could not have fun with my family. I could not exercise, cook, go to the movies, etc because my neck/shoulder/arms/back would not allow me too. But now my treatment is over and I have been cooking, cleaning, enjoying my family, and I ve even gone on a trip out of state with no pain, no depression and no medication! I would recommend Dr. Miller and his DRX Program to anyone! Mrs. Octavia Lightner U.S. Postal Service years old - - Grand Rapids, MI Dr. Miller s DRX Program has put an end to the shooting pain in my hip and leg! My lifestyle and attitude have improved tremendously. I didn t have to have surgery to get better! Dr. Miller and his courteous staff have a very caring attitude to help me. My back pain has ended! Mr. Ron Hopkins Self-Employed years old - - Morley, MI Dr. Miller s DRX Program works! Everyday I got better. I now have days with no pain and I can stand and walk more than I have in the past year and a half. This is the best program for herniated discs. I am doing more every day! Mrs. Barbara Moomey Homemaker years old - - Hamilton, MI What Are You Waiting For? Call Total Health Chiropractic at and See If You Are A Candidate For This FDA Cleared, Non-Surgical Treatment!

18 Listen To What These FORMER Disc Bulge, Herniated Disc, Sciatica and Disc Degeneration Sufferers Have To Say About Dr. Miller The DRX9000C and Their Results!!! I came into this program with high expectations and was not disappointed! I experienced steady progress and almost feel like a normal person again. It almost makes me cringe to think how I was before I started Dr. Miller s DRX Program. Now I smile to think of how far I have come. I am so happy to have found this treatment and would do it again! Ms. Cyndi Christian Retired years old - - Battle Creek, MI I could not turn my head and had trouble swallowing. I felt very depressed, as if there was no relief in sight, until I answered your ad. Dr. Miller s DRX Program has worked better than any other treatment. I now have pain-free days and will be able to continue working. Mr. Gordon Faasse Small Business Owner years old - - Caledonia, MI Because of Dr. Miller s DRX Program, I ve gone from walking hunched over and always in pain. I was usually inactive. Now I am able to function normally again and be very active without pain. This program is a good alternative to surgery. Mr. John Amick 45 years old Six Lakes, MI I was suffering from great pain due to a herniated disc. I underwent 2 treatments with another doctor. It gave me no relief and no hope other than surgery. I then learned of Dr. Miller s successful DRX Program. After consulting with him, we agreed that his DRX Program was the best option for my problem. This is one of the best decisions I ve ever made. I am now relieved of pain and taking up normal living again. Mr. Chuck Wielenga Retired 90 years old Allendale, MI What Are You Waiting For? Call Total Health Chiropractic at and See If You Are A Candidate For This FDA Cleared, Non-Surgical Treatment!

19 Suffering from Neck & Back Pain? TOTAL HEALTH CHIROPRACTIC CAN HELP YOU WITH THAT! If chronic, debilitating neck or low back pain limits your life and you are confused and frustrated about the treatment options available for your Herniated and Bulging Discs Degenerative Disc Disease Spinal Stenosis Sciatica Pinched Nerve Shooting Pain/ Numbness in Arms and Legs Failed Neck & Back Surgery Call to see if you qualify for a $49 CONSULTATION, EXAMINATION, and MRI REVIEW($340 Value!) Call NOW and You Will Receive: A Consultation with Dr. Christopher Miller, D.C. to discuss your problem and answer ALL your questions. A Specialized Neck or Back Pain / DRX9000C TM Qualification Evaluation A Recommended Action Plan giving you the results of your examination tests, if you qualify for our program and what your options are. If at this point our evaluation reveals a condition that is better treated by other means, we will refer you to the appropriate doctor. Live Demonstration of the DRX9000C TM LIMITED APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE OFFER ONLY GOOD FOR TWO WEEKS! Dr. Christopher Miller, D.C East Paris Ave SE Grand Rapids, MI