British Sign Language (BSL) Plan October 2018 Scottish Charity Regulator

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1 British Sign Language (BSL) Plan Octber 2018 Scttish Charity Regulatr

2 Cntents Sectin 1: Intrductin and cntext 1.1 Intrductin 1.2 Our wrk and what we d Sectin 2: Our BSL Plan 2.1 Scttish Public Services 2.2 Demcracy Sectin 3: Cntact us Pg. 3 Pg. 3 Pg. 4 Pg. 5 Pg. 5 Pg. 7 Pg. 8

3 1. Intrductin 1.1 Intrductin and cntext Welcme t the Scttish Charity Regulatr s (OSCR) British Sign Language (BSL) Plan. A cpy f ur plan is available in BSL n OSCR s YuTube channel. Our plan supprts the Scttish Gvernment s natinal gal t make infrmatin and services acrss the public sectr available t BSL users*. It is imprtant t us that all f ur stakehlders are aware f wh we are, what we d and hw they can cntact us. BSL users shuld be able t easily access infrmatin abut all f ur functins and be cnfident abut being able t cmmunicate with us. This plan clsely fllws the Scttish Gvernment s BSL Natinal Plan by setting ut the actins we intend t take t prmte and supprt BSL users (including tactile BSL) ver the perid cvering 2018 t Our plan was develped with the help f a BSL Reference Grup, made up f representatives frm the BSL cmmunity. We will cntinue t engage with users thrughut the lifetime f this plan, and will reprt back n ur prgress against identified actins. We will als cntribute t the Scttish Gvernment s natinal prgress reprt in * Wherever we refer t BSL users we mean D/deaf and /r Deafblind peple (thse wh receive the language in a tactile frm due t sight lss) whse first r preferred language is British Sign Language Page 3

4 1.2 Our wrk and what we d We are the independent regulatr and registrar fr ver 24,400 Scttish charities. We are a Nn-Ministerial Department and part f the Scttish Administratin. Our wrk as Regulatr ultimately supprts public cnfidence in charities and their wrk. Our visin is f charities yu can trust and that prvide public benefit. Our strategic bjectives fr are t: Help the public t have mre cnfidence in charities. Help charity trustees t understand and cmply with their legal duties. Keep registratin and reprting straightfrward and prprtinate. Cntinually imprve the way we perate and deliver services t all f ur stakehlders. Page 4

5 Sectin 2: Our BSL Plan We believe ur wrk clsely aligns with the Scttish Public Services and Demcracy gals as set ut in the Scttish Gvernment s BSL Natinal Plan Scttish Public Services We supprt the Scttish Gvernment in their lng-term gal: Acrss the Scttish public sectr, infrmatin and services will be accessible t BSL users. T achieve this gal, we will: Imprve access t ur infrmatin and services fr BSL users, by: Imprving ur website accessibility (by June 2019). Actively prmting ur services thrugh scial media channels (nging). Develping internal guidance t supprt staff when making decisins abut BSL translatin (December 2018). Prmting and prviding BSL interpreting services fr ur Meet the Charity Regulatr events and Open Bard meetings (where requested). Prviding a BSL translatin fr ne f ur Meet the Charity Regulatr events (annually and available thrugh ur website). Actively prmting ur BSL interpreting services (by December 2018). Page 5

6 ur crrespndence and when develping ur guidance dcuments and website (nging). Prviding a BSL translatin f hw t Raise a cncern abut a charity and hw t cmplain abut OSCR (by May 2019). Highlighting the availability f face-t-face BSL translatrs t supprt thse raising a cncern (if required). Identifying a key piece f guidance t be translated int BSL and measuring uptake (by April 2019). Translating ther pieces f guidance where demand has been identified (nging). Cntinue t prmte the use f the Scttish Gvernment s natinally funded BSL nline interpreting vide relay service (VRS) called cntactscotland-bsl. The service allws BSL users t cmmunicate with public bdies, and vice versa. We will d this by: Adding a link t the service int ur signatures (Octber 2018). Adding links t the service int key pieces f ur nline guidance (nging). Prmting and encuraging use f the service t the charity sectr (fr example, at ur Meet the Charity Regulatr events). (Onging) Supprt staff wh wrk with BSL users t identify and attend apprpriate BSL training. We will: Prvide BSL general awareness training t all staff and make sure apprpriate material and links are available t further their understanding (Octber 2018). Raise general awareness f ur BSL Plan and assciated activities amng staff (by Nvember 2018). Page 6

7 Cllabrate with ther public bdies t identify apprpriate BSL training (nging). Train staff in the use f the cntactscotland-bsl service (by January 2019). Analyse existing evidence and gather further data abut BSL use t establish baselines and measure prgress against ur actins. This includes: Mnitring uptake f ur BSL services, including requests fr translatins and interpretatin services, and dwnlads f BSL materials frm ur website (nging). Analysing existing evidence f BSL use t infrm further develpment f ur plan (by May 2019). Cnsulting with Third Sectr Interfaces (TSIs) t identify demand fr BSL as part f their supprt fr charity law (by September 2019). 2.2 Demcracy We supprt the Scttish Gvernment in their lng-term gal: BSL users will be fully invlved in demcratic and public life in Sctland, as active and infrmed citizens, as vters, as elected pliticians and as bard members f ur public bdies. T achieve this, we will: Wrk with the Scttish Gvernment s Public Appintment Team t ensure that pprtunities t jin the OSCR Bard are prmted as widely as pssible, including thrughut the BSL cmmunity. Page 7

8 Sectin 3: Cntact us If yu have any queries abut the plan r if yu wish t speak t a member f staff, yu can cntact us in the fllwing ways: BSL users can cntact us via cntactscotland-bsl please put BSL Plan in the subject line Pst: OSCR, 2nd Flr, Quadrant Huse, 9 Riverside Drive, Dundee DD1 4NY Page 8

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12 The Scttish Charity Regulatr (OSCR) 2nd Flr Quadrant Huse 9 Riverside Drive Dundee DD14NY T ScttishCharityRegulatr This bklet was first published in Octber 2018