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1 For Appointments call: Login ptrx.org/en/fv2d6ekjsq Exercise Prescription Date May 11, 2017 Assigning Provider Shannon Kelly PT, OCS Prescription Description - Post-op Phase 1 & 2 Heel Slides Reps Sessions per day DAILY Have the towel/belt behind the thigh, also perform a heel slide in a seated position with a piece of paper on your carpet. Move through a comfortable range of motion, respecting your restrictions to 90 degrees. In a seated position use a towel or belt under the heel. Pull your heel towards your buttocks. Hold and repeat as directed. Isometric Quad Reps Sessions per day DAILY Description: With an isometric exercise, you are maintaining a contraction against an immovable object, so no movement is performed at the joint and the muscle is not shortening. Working on just tightening your quadriceps muscle. Sit with a towel roll placed behind your knee. Tighten the muscle on the top of your thigh while pushing the back of your knee into the towel roll.

2 Page 2 of 8 Hip Abduction Straight Leg Raise Sets 2 Reps Sessions per day EVERY OTHER DAY Description: Maintain a neutral spine position. Keep hips stacked and do not lean backwards. 3-4x/week Bring leg up and slightly back in one fluid angle brace off Lie on your side with the involved leg on top and the bottom leg slightly bent. Lean your trunk forward slightly. Straighten the top leg, turn your toes down to the floor, then lift leg up without moving trunk. Hip Extension Straight Leg Raise Sets 2 Reps Sessions per day EVERY OTHER DAY brace off Lie on your stomach with a pillow placed under your pelvis, head supported by arms or towel roll. Tighten buttock on the involved side. Keep leg straight and abdominals tightened. Raise and lower leg slowly.

3 Page 3 of 8 Toe Raises Sets 2 Reps Sessions per day EVERY OTHER DAY brace on Stand holding onto a chair or supportive object. Raise both heels off the floor, keeping your weight over the middle of your foot. Slowly lower your heels back to the floor. Prone Knee Hang Sessions per day DAILY Position yourself on your stomach, with your legs off the table or bed so that the edge of the table is just above your knee. A towel can be placed above the knee for comfort. You can increase the stretch by pressing down on your ankle with the opposite foot, or placing a weight on your ankle. Hold as directed by your therapist.

4 Page 4 of 8 Prone Knee Flexion Sessions per day DAILY Lie on your stomach with pillow under hips and small folded towel just above your involved knee. Bend your knee to 90 degrees then lower slowly. Short Arc Knee Extension Sets 2 Reps 15 Sessions per day EVERY OTHER DAY Move through degrees. Work on quadriceps control. Use the green band Sitting in a chair, lift involved foot off the floor to straighten your knee. Hold, then slowly lower. Repeat as directed.

5 Page 5 of 8 Hip Flexion Straight Leg Raise Sets 2 sets, 1-2x/day Reps 20 reps Sessions per day DAILY *squeeze quad strong to keep knee straight while you raise/lower Lie on your back with involved leg straight, opposite leg bent to support lower back. Tighten thigh to keep leg straight then slowly raise and lower leg. Balance Single Leg Stance Supported and Unsupported Sets 2-3 times Reps 30 second hold Sessions per day DAILY Keep good alignment of knee. Keep hips and shoulders level (don't lean). Activate glutes to keep knee from collapsing inward. Increase challenge by reaching forward or across body. take steps to front, side and diagonally and control balance. Daily Stand holding onto a firm object. Shift your weight to one foot, and try to lift the opposite foot off the floor. If you are able take your hand off the supporting object and balance on your own.

6 Page 6 of 8 Knee Bends Sets 2 Reps 15 Sessions per day EVERY OTHER DAY Move the hips and knees at the same time - allow the knees to glide forward Hold onto a stable object and bend your knees while shifting your weight back into your hips as if you were sitting in a chair. Standing Hip Flexion Reps Sessions per day DAILY Description: Do not lean forward or sideways while performing this exercise. Keep your trunk upright and work on accepting the weight on your left leg without your hips moving out to the side Stand with good posture with feet together. Place your hand on counter or chair for support. Tighten abdominals. Lift your leg up with the knee bent.

7 Page 7 of 8 Functional Knee Extension with Tubing Sets 1 Reps Sessions per day 1 Anchor tubing in a door or to a sturdy object and position it behind your involved knee. Step back so you have some resistance from the tubing. Bend your knee slightly. Straighten to push against the resistance of the band as you tighten the muscle above your knee. If directed, pull your toes up as you straighten your knee. Repeat as directed.

8 Page 8 of 8 Lateral Step Down Sets 1 set Reps reps Sessions per day 3-4/week sit back into hip, allow forward trunk lean, knee to toe. Touch opposite heel to floor without shifting weight onto it. To increase challenge: increase step height, increase tempo. Avoid hip drop or hip hike. Stand with the involved leg on a book or step at the height directed by your therapist. Use a chair or hand-rail for support if needed. Slowly lower the non-involved foot to the side, leaning forward at the waist slightly and sitting back into your hip. Do not let the knee fall inward, and try to keep your weight shifted backward. Return to the starting position without pushing off the ground. Functional Lunge Backward Sets 3 sets Reps 6-8 reps Sessions per day 3x/wk *Keep your body weight over the front leg, only lightly touching (or sliding) the opposite toe back or diagonally as you sink into a lunge pose (keep the back leg straight, UNLIKE the bent knee shown in the video) *You can reach forward with both hands toward a target in front of you to help you create good hip & trunk action as you lower into the lunge pose *Reach the opposite leg back farther as you get stronger and can lower deeper into a lunge at the front leg Step backwards... while lowering your knee to the floor in a smooth motion. Alternate legs and repeat as directed.