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1 Workout MOBILITY WARM UP Pelvic Tilt Stand in a tall neutral stance. Tuck your pelvis under by squeezing your butt and then tuck your pelvis back sticking your butt out. Lateral Pelvic Tilt Stand in a tall neutral stance. Keep a soft bend in both knees and lift one hip up and one down. Bend the knee of the hip that you lift up and connect your hip right to your ribs and alternate sides. Hip Circles Squeeze your butt and tuck your pelvis under, then lift your hip laterally to one side, then tuck back, then lateral lift to other side. Circle your hips around smoothly. Lateral Spine Glide Stack your forearms and shift side to side, gliding your ribs over your hips. Try not to move your hips but section your upper body over your lower body. Spinal Flexion and Extension In a standing position with your pelvis tucked under inhale and open your chest wide, chin to sky, extending your spine. Exhale and tuck your chin to your chest, round your shoulders, flexing your spine. Alternate between flexing and extending your spine. Lateral Spinal Flexion Bend one arm and point it up and lift the other arm and point it down. Reach the hand pointing up, up and over your head in one direction and the hand that is pointing down in the opposite direction. Create as much distance as you can from the fingertips on one hand and the fingertips on the other hand. Reach as far as you can in opposite directions. Alternate sides and reach 10 times in each direction. Neck Juts and Tucks Stick your chin forward and then tuck it back getting long through your spine. Neck Glides Standing in a tall neutral stance, glide your head shoulder to shoulder. Arm Screws Lift your arms out to your side palms up and open. Rotate one palm all the way around, rotating the same side shoulder in its pocket as you look and reach with your other arm in the opposite direction. Shrug the rotating shoulder and roll it up

2 Workout MOVEMENT PREP CIRCUIT 3 SETS Shinbox Switch to Halo Kettlebell Arm Bar Side Kick Throughs 6 Reps Each SIde 6 Reps Each SIde 6 Reps Each SIde 3 rounds minimal rest in between exercises A1: Shinbox Switch to Halo, Alternating x 12 reps, 6 each side Start sitting down holding the kettlebell upside down by the horns. Bend your legs and bring your heels close to your butt. Keep your spine as straight as you can and sit your knees over to one side, do your best not to shift your feet around. Lay both knees on the floor. Thrust your hips up coming up to your knees squeezing your core and butt and rotate the kettlebell around your head from shoulder to shoulder, alternating sides. Go deep behind the navel of your neck. Keep a tight core and focus on loosening up your shoulders. Slowly sit back down with control. Alternate sides. A2: Kettlebell Arm Bar x 12 reps, 6 each side Start lying on your back, pressing the kettlebell up towards the ceiling with one arm, make sure that your leg on the same side as the kettlebell is bent with your knee also towards the ceiling. Your other arm should be reaching straight overhead, resting on the floor. As you are holding up the kettlebell, press the ground with your bent leg and turn your hips over to the floor, like you are trying to thrust down into the floor, try to maintain your shoulder packed throughout this movement as you rotate your chest towards the ground. While rotating, make sure to keep the loaded arm straight and try to get your bent leg over onto the other side of your straight leg, then straighten both legs. Repeat by turning back to face up with control. A3: Side Kick Throughs, Alternating x 12 reps, each side Start in a beast position, hands under your shoulders and knee slightly tucked in underneath your belly button line. Lift on hand off the ground and kick your opposite leg through. Pull your elbow up and back and point your toes on the foot that is kicking. Keep your leg off the floor and create as much distance as you can from your elbow to your toes. Pull your leg back through and switch to the other side.

3 Workout PRIMARY CIRCUIT 4 ROUNDS Drop Lunges, Alternating Push Ups As Slow As You Can Single Kettlebell Overhead Sit Up 4 rounds rest 90 seconds in between rounds B1: Drop Lunges, Alternating x 30 seconds Start standing with feet together. Drop down quickly into a lunge position and then hop back up to your feet together and alternate sides. Try to keep a proud chest and stack your shoulders your hips, and hips over back knee on your lunge. B2: Push Ups As Slow As You Can x 30 seconds Start in a pushup position with your palms underneath your shoulders and keep a straight line from your heel to your head. Keep forward pressure on your wrists and pull yourself down into your push up, engaging your lats. Go as slow as you can both up and down. Think 4 to 5 seconds down and 4 to 5 seconds up. Don t stop at the top or the bottom, keep a continuous, slow motion throughout. B3: Single Kettlebell Overhead Sit Up x 30 seconds (switch arms each every set) Start on your back and bring a single kettlebell into your rack. Bend your knees and then press the kettlebell overhead. Keeping your shoulders square sit up and get your shoulder off the ground and all the way up to your hips. Keep the kettlebell overhead with your arm fully extended the whole time. Stick it at the top and then to go back down roll down your spine one vertebrae at a time like you are doing a reverse crunch. I like to go up fast and down slow and con

4 Workout SECONDARY CIRCUIT 4 ROUNDS Loaded beast to Squat Jump Double Kettlebell Clean Beast Underswitch 4 rounds rest 90 seconds in between rounds C1: Loaded beast to Squat Jump x 30 seconds Start in a loaded beast position. Sit your hips back towards your heels and actively press back with your palms extending your arms and then explosively jump your feet to your hands into a squat. From the squat, jump up explosively keeping a proud chest and tight core. Then come back down to your squat and press back to the loaded beast position. C2: Double Kettlebell Clean x 30 seconds With kettlebells in between your heels, explosive pull the kettlebells into your racked position. Try to spiral the kettle bells around your wrists smoothly and rack them with flexed wrists. Keep your posture tall throughout. C3: Beast Underswitch x 30 seconds Start in a quadruped position. Knees a hair off the floor. Step through and go face up. Make sure you step your opposite foot underneath your body and not back and over your leg. Switch your leg with your opposite hand. Pause for a second in your face up position and then go back the same way you came and then alternate sides smoothly.

5 Workout FINISHER AMRAP IN 10 MIN. Pull Ups Kettlebell Explosive Deadlift Close Grip Kettlebell Push up 10 Reps 10 Reps 10 Reps Finisher: 10 minutes As Many Rounds As You Can Minimal rest between sets D1: Pull Ups x 10 Grip a pull up bar overhand grip with your hands outside shoulder width apart. Keep your core tight and pull yourself up, chin over the bar. Get a deep squeeze in your lats and try to keep the reps tight and strict. D2: Kettlebell Explosive Deadlift x 10 Start with the kettlebell in between your heels underneath your hips. Grip it with both hands and with a long spine explosively jump as high as you can. Land softly and load your next jump fighting any jarring in your body on the way down. Load and then explode. D3: Close Grip Kettlebell Push up x 10 Lay a kettlebell on its side and grip the ball of the bell with both hands. Pull yourself down into the bottom of your push up, elbows tight to your ribs and core tight. Keep forward pressure on the hands and explosively push back up. I like to inhale down and exhale up.