Exclusively licensed by RWB Beverages Co. for USA Contact for Distribution:

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1 Exclusively licensed by RWB Beverages Co. for USA Contact for Distribution:

2 HEMP Hydrate Water Exclusive Properties The most advanced hemp extract Water in the marketplace 3mg Hemp Extract per 500mg bottle Contains No THC Perfectly Clear Taste like water No Odor no taste

3 HEMP Hydrate - Purity and Health

4 HEMP Hydrate Proprietary Technology: Infused Hemp with proprietary state of-the-art technology Marketing Materials : includes design, bottles and store displays US Manufacturing: exclusive third-party supplier in the US. Large manufacturing capacity- more than twice planned capacity required in next 5 years Asia and Europe Distribution on Track for 2019 distribution.

5 HEMP Hydrate - Competitive Advantage Using European Hemp which is devoid of THC. No THC in this product. Full spectrum extraction used to first produce Hemp Extract Isolate using proprietary methodology a very expensive process Hemp Isolate is used to create a Nanoemulsion producing several benefits: Binds with water Bioavailability Long-term stability & shelf life for up to two years Water is blended and bottled using proprietary methods in US state-ofthe-art bottling plant under exclusive manufacturing contract. RWB Beverage Exclusive Distribution in the USA and minor territories

6 HEMP Hydrate Technology HEMP Hydrate is a functional lifestyle beverage formulated to deliver a multitude of benefits for optimal hydration. This product does NOT contain cannabinoid THC 3 MG of 100% THC-FREE Organic Industrial HEMP Derived Extract per 500 ml bottle COLOURLESS, TASTELESS product is produced only from Organic Industrial HEMP using patented nanotechnology and is 100% THC-FREE Nanotechnology preparation of the ingredients allows for a better mix of ingredients and provides a solution for good hydration.

7 The Power of HEMP Anti-inflammatory: combats inflammatory disorders Anxiolytic/Antidepressant: combats anxiety and depression disorders Anti-oxidant: combats neurodegenerative disorders Antiemetic: combats nausea and vomiting Anticonvulsant: combats seizure activity Antipsychotic: combats psychosis disorders Anti-tumoral/Anti-Cancer: combats tumor and cancer cells

8 HEMP Extract & Your Body

9 Potential Therapeutic Uses Anxiety and depression Insomnia and sleep disorders Autoimmune diseases Pain and inflammation including Arthritis Cancer and Cancer treatments Epilepsy and other neurological disorders Diabetes and diabetic nerve pain Spasms, Parkinson s and tremors Gastroparesis and IBS Cardiovascular disease And more

10 HEMP HYDRATE - TESTIMONIALS Daniel Rodriguez, our HEMP Hydrate Ambassador at Large, recently received the following testimonials from some Professional Athletes: After only a few days of drinking HEMP Hydrate I noticed a difference in my mood, anxiety and decreased pain. I recommend this for any level of athlete Mike Lee, 12-0 Pro Boxer 7th World Ranking Drinking HH has been an easy and effective way to get a head start on my recovery process every week. The concept of recovering through hydration is ideal Adam Humphries, Tampa Bay Buccaneers The water market is over saturated with lots of brands that only hydrate, but HEMP Hydrate is the one that is plant- based with benefits Terrell Owens, Retired NFL Player and recent Dancing with the Stars contestant HEMP Hydrate is an amazing brand of CBD infused water. I enjoy drinking them all day, but especially after my workouts. As a former vegan athlete I understand the importance of water and the power of plants. This product is the best of both David Carter, ex NFL Player with Arizona Cardinals. Well known influencer in the green and vegan community. Known as the 300 pound Vegan


12 Why is perfect for Food & Beverage Retailers Ready to drink all natural functional beverage New product innovation Attractive Displays Appeals to a diverse age range & consumer wants Growing demand for new products Increased profit opportunities Increase in-store retail traffic Long shelf life

13 HEMP Hydrate Product Selection 500 ml/8 fl. oz 12 Pack Case 24 Pack Case

14 In-Store Display Options End Cap Display Shelf Display Pallet Display

15 Product Features ZERO Calorie All natural 100% plant based 3 MG HEMP EXTRACT NO Cannabinoid THC Purified by reverse osmosis Pet friendly

16 Contact Information Hemp Hydrate US Distribution Information: Mark Becker Direct Cell: (808) Thank you!