David Shave has continued to produce a fine program over coming weeks with a number of interesting speakers good opportunities to bring guests.

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1 One learns all sorts and weird and wonderful things through Rotary activities. Who would have thought that of the 300 galleries and museums in Australia, 1000 of them are in Victoria? Well, we know that now because at our last meeting our guest speaker was Laura Miles, CEO of Museums & Galleries Victoria. As well as showing us the range of skills, activities and requirements in running a museum or gallery, Laura demonstrated the enormous opportunities for volunteering and the offshoot of that is that no one should be socially isolated through lack of opportunities. However, we all know that social isolation is a growing problem in our neighbourhoods (plural intended). We also know that the Boroondara Cares Foundation is launching the OWL (On with Life) program to reduce (or remove) the incidence of social isolation in our neighbourhood. No doubt, PP Bob Lambert will keep us up to date on that and how we can help. PP Matt Pollard has produced a brochure for YBR which outlines the many and varied activities this little club undertakes. It will be very useful for members to advertise the club to others and particularly to potential members. The latest from District is that ADG Jonathon Shepherd has undergone surgery in Bangkok and it is hoped that he will be repatriated to Melbourne in a week or so. His wife, Elizabeth, is with him and they have received support from Rotary Clubs in Bangkok. David Shave has continued to produce a fine program over coming weeks with a number of interesting speakers good opportunities to bring guests. Ken Maher UPCOMING SPEAKERS AND EVENTS 13 September 2017 Sharon Crean - Beyond Water 20 September 2017 Michael Guiney - Radiation Oncologist 27 September 2017 Ross Ollquist - Member behind the Badge 04 October 2017 District Governor visit & partners night 11 October 2017 Jeremy Scott - Global bike ride 18 October 2017 Horizons Exercise

2 DATE CHAIR THOUGHT & GONG WEEKLY DUTY ROSTER MEMBER S MOMENT ROTARY SUNDAY MARKET DUTY SET UP / PACK AWAY BULLETIN NOTES 13 Sept David Chivers Isabel Armer Isabel Armer Darren G-J Bill Chow 20 Sept Isabel Armer Matt Pollard Matt Pollard Mark Miller Jane Stott 27 Sept Clint Sceney Edda Williams Edda Williams Ken Maher Darren G-J 04 Oct David Shave Tony Boyd Tony Boyd Ed Brown Mark Miller 11 Oct Matt Pollard Bob Lambert Bob Lambert Bill Chow David Shave 10 September 2017 Matt Pollard 01 October 2017 William Liew 17 September 2017 David Shave 08 October 2017 Darren G-J 24 September 2017 Bob Lambert 15 October 2017 Ken Maher Dinner Meeting 6th September Chairman Bill Chow Guests :- Laura Miles, Shuan Leonard, Robert Ely Thought Tony Boyd There is no need to be perfect,instead you concentrate on getting your friends to understand your imperfections Members Moment Tony Boyd.. Accident crash costs was the subject of members moment categories: fatal injury, serious injury, and other injury which make up about 1/3 of all injuries. Because of the need for ongoing treatment serious injury is an expensive category. The amount of accidents are influenced by things like the age of both the driver and the vehicle and road and weather conditions,divided roads are safer also the time of day plays a significant part in the likelihood of an accident. Door Prize: Bill Chow presents Anne Brown with this week s door prize

3 Museums and Galleries of Victoria Guest Speaker Laura Miles Executive Director of Museums Australia (Victoria) Laura is a former science journalist with experience in media relations, media training, event management and not-for-profit associations. She has contributed to best practice in arts and science communication via trade publications, strategic partnerships, online networks and media-training. There are approximately three thousand museums in Australia housing about forty three milllion items. Volunteer workers provide a very significant support (60%) to operating museums and galleries in Victoria. Laura said there are enormous opportunities for volunteering in Victoria s museums and galleries and so there are many opportunites for people who may be socially isolated to participate in the arts and museum community. Museums Australia (Victoria) promotes museums to all levels of government and the community, and fosters high standards in all aspects of museum and gallery management through research, policy formulation, publications, and training. As the peak body for the Victorian museum and gallery industry, It supports the development of quality museums, collections care, knowledge, and specialised skills for museum work.

4 STROKE FOUNDATION WEEK Stroke is one of Australia s biggest killers and a leading cause of disability Stroke kills more women than breast cancer and more men than prostate cancer In 2017 there will be almost 56,000 new and recurrent strokes that is one stroke every nine minutes. Yarra Bend Rotary supports Stoke Foundation Australia in making the community more aware of the, symptons, prevention, treatment, and help. To read more, click here: Stroke Week

5 YARRA BEND ROTARY Would you would like to know more about Yarra Bend Rotary, please call Club Secretary Anne Brown on or You might like to join us for dinner. We meet every Wednesday over dinner at the Amora Hotel 649 Bridge Road Richmond at 6:30 p.m. for 7:00p.m. Just contact the Club Secretary to make arrangements. Our Mailing Address is P.O.Box 271, Kew East, Victoria, 3102 or