February 21, :00 p.m nd Street Coralville, IA February Board Meeting

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1 Vice Past MEETING MINUTES DATE/TIME: LOCATION: SUBJECT: ATTENDEES: February 21, :00 p.m. Mondo's 516 2nd Street Coralville, IA February Board Meeting Tom Irvine, Greg Thirnbeck, T.J. McKenzie, Jennifer Sansone, and Darrell Smith (Kevin Long and Gary Schultz absent) RCI Iowa held the above noted Board Meeting on February 21, Attendees are as listed above. The meeting followed the agenda which is the basis for these meeting minutes. Additional discussion items are noted in italicized text. 1. Review of Previous Meeting Minutes In our last meeting we discussed looking into other options for our website other than PayPal, due to relatively high transaction fees as well as disagreeable monthly limits for transfers to FSB checking. Further discussion is tabled until after our Spring 2014 program. 2. Committee Reports and Discussions was absent due to illness. o Any Housekeeping from 2013 Meeting? Tom Irvine will follow-up with to ensure all follow-up activities related to RCI or AIA continuing education documentation have been completed. o Financial Status Bank account balance is $1, This was unknown at the time of the meeting, but confirmed during follow-up. o Chapter Donation to RCI Foundation It was agreed by those in attendance that the Chapter will donate $ to RCI Foundation at the RCI Board of Directors & Affiliated Chapter s Breakfast on March Page 1 of 5

2 Vice Past 25, 2014 (based on the assumption that the Chapter's account balance was > $1,000). o Fund Raising It was decided that 2014 fund raising (other than program admissions and membership dues) will be limited to website advertising only, due to workload. The Chapter will consider doing a golf outing fundraiser or some other type of fundraiser in Programs o Sika Sarnafil Presentation Content & RCI Approval After reviewing the information attached to the agenda, it was decided to have Joe Schwetz concentrate on the Sustainable and Economical Roofing Systems course, and also discuss codes, ASTM, adhesives, and white roofs in northern climate zones. o April Meeting Planning - Tasks and Assignments Key items and responsibilities were discussed. See agenda item #5 for assignments. Greg Thirnbeck has everything set up with CRCC, and the event contract is in place (food and (accommodations being the same as for our last program). It was decided that registration fees for the meeting will be $25 for RCI Members and $35 for non-members (early registration) and $40 for everyone after cutoff date. It was also decided that tabletops will cost $250 (including program/lunch for one exhibitor each) and 7 tabletop displays will be solicited. Jennifer Sansone volunteered to administer CEH/AIA certificates for the program, and will have them prepared for distribution at the meeting for any who register in advance. o Set Preliminary Dates for Summer and Fall Meetings This item was tabled until after the April program. o Winter 2015 Joint Meeting with IRCA Page 2 of 5 Correspondence with Scott Nelson (attached to agenda) was reviewed. Those in attendance agreed that doing this in January 2015 is fine. T.J. McKenzie said IRCA will have their meeting at the Gateway in Ames again. We will need to

3 Vice Past Website coordinate the date in advance with IRCA. Tom Irvine will respond to Scott Nelson so he can bring before the IRCA board. Jennifer Sansone reported that our annual website hosting fee will need to be paid, likely around Summer of She believes this will be around $100 - $200 annually. Jennifer would like the Chapter to consider taking steps toward driving traffic toward our website. Ideas include providing links to our homepage only, so users are required to explore the website to find key information; providing newsletters with searchable keywords; etc. o Update for April 25th Program Required updates related to the April program were discussed. Jennifer will coordinate again. Jennifer will include language asking registrants to provide their company as well as provide names and contact information for each individual if a group registration is submitted. o Advertisement - Photo Frame T.J. McKenzie suggested that we reserve the photo frame for posting photos and promotional materials for the Chapter only, and that advertisements be provided via hyperlink logos on the bottom of our homepage (as they currently exist). This was agreeable to all in attendance. It was suggested that the chapter charge $200 per year to maintain the hyperlink, and that others that are not represented be contacted to add their logo. It was also discussed that we wait until after our April program to kick-off our website advertising campaign. This was agreeable to all. Membership It was also discussed that all of us should take photos at Chapter programs so we have a better selection for our website. These should include good photos of all tabletop exhibits and presenters. o Membership Promotion Page 3 of 5 Greg Thirnbeck continues to review the monthly membership updates from RCI corporate, and contacts new members of

4 Vice Past 3. New Business Review of Bylaws RCI to welcome them and introduce the Chapter. Greg and the Membership Committee will discuss Chapter membership promotion ideas, and develop a membership drive plan. Brainstorming of ideas occurred during our meeting, which Greg will consider and communicate to the committee. Chapter Bylaws were attached to the agenda. Time did not allow discussion, and this issue was tabled until the next meeting. It was suggested that Tom Irvine, Kevin Long, and Greg Thirnbeck review these for the next meeting Board Elections Board elections will be held after the Fall 2014 program. A date and procedures for this will be discussed later in the year. 4. Miscellaneous Discussion Tom Irvine provided a chapter update to Ray Makiejus (Region III Director) for his use in meetings at the Anaheim Convention. 5. Summarize Required Actions and Follow-up Tom Irvine will correspond with Joe Schwetz of Sika Sarnafil to finalize the PVC presentation content and obtain a speaker bio for Joe. Jenny Sansone will verify due date and amount for 2014 website hosting fee, and notify the board. Greg Thirnbeck will work with the membership committee to develop a plan for promoting and increasing Chapter membership. Tom Irvine, Kevin Long, and Greg Thirnbeck will review the Chapter Bylaws before the next meeting. will send Tom Irvine a check made payable to the RCI Foundation for $500, by March 17, Darrell Smith will draft a letter and solicit tabletop exhibitors for the meeting (Tom to provide Darrell with RCIowa letterhead file). Jennifer Sansone will draft a flyer for the April program and forward to Tom Irvine. Tom will add specifics about Sika Sarnafil's program. Jennifer, Tom, and Darrell will work together to add tabletop presenters to flyer as they confirm. T.J. McKenzie will work with the Iowa AIA chapter and IRCA to promote our meeting. Page 4 of 5

5 Vice Past Kevin Long will provide nametags, similar to last meeting. Tom Irvine will bring extra name tags for walk-ins. Tom Irvine will print and bring handouts and extra flyers, similar to last meeting. will handle all money-related issues for the meeting. Tom Irvine will provide blast to RCIowa mailing list to promote the program, including only a hyperlink to our homepage this time instead of attaching a flyer (to generate website traffic). Tom Irvine will work with Ray Makiejus (Region III Director) to assist him with Region III blast(s) to promote our program. Jennifer Sansone will update the website as applicable for our program. will work with RCI to get our program on the Interface and/or RCItems calendars, and will keep providing chapter updates to RCI for publication. Tom Irvine will look for RCIowa's blank CEH certificate file and forward to Jennifer Sansone for her use. Tom Irvine will coordinate contacting the same companies that assisted with website development donations, as well as others that are not listed, to secure advertising on our homepage (after the April program). The preceding meeting minutes represent the author's recollection of those items discussed on February 21, Please promptly notify the author of any errors or omissions, or if any clarifications are necessary, such that notification can be provided. Respectfully Submitted Cc: All meeting attendees Kevin Long Alvin Nunnikhoven Ray Makiejus Page 5 of 5