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1 October 2016 ESA Australia QLD State Council & Members Newsletter President Grace Hurst Inside this Issue The Whitsundays gives a warm welcome to everyone. Half-Yearly is fast approaching, so make sure that your registration forms are sent to Alpha Rho Branch. Also, remember to let them know if you are going to be there by the Friday night and would like to attend the dinner. The bus will take members (if there are enough) to the club and back to the hotel. In America, October is recruitment month for ESA. Think about the kind of people who might like to join and be the future of ESA, and then hold a function which they might enjoy be it a workshop, a display or a fun event. We must think of the future of ESA and grow our membership. By now all Branches should have sold the majority of their Cancer Art Union Tickets and have either sent them and the money to Colleen, or put the ticket butts in their bag ready to bring to Half-Yearly. Remember, if you have any ideas for distribution of the Cancer money, please send a letter to State about it so it can be discussed. Please try to sell these tickets as they are a money raiser for Cancer projects around the State. State Officers should by now have sent their reports to Judy Jesshope for inclusion in the Booklet for Half-Yearly. If these reports are put in this booklet it saves time during the meeting instead of having to be read out. Members should also think about attending Half-Yearly as this is where decisions are made and the more members present, the more of the views of the membership is heard. This makes the outcome much more relevant to the membership. Until we meet in November, take care and keep safe. Grace State President 1 Chaplain/Jonquil 2 IC President 2 What ESA Means to Me 3 Snapshop of ESA 3 Convention Education Reports 3/5 Branch Reports 6/8 NCWQ 9 Website Administrator 10 All Things Aussie 10 Notices 10 Flyer for Beta Omicron Fashion Parade 11 Registration Form for Half-Yearly 12/13 Invitation to dinner 14 Be a lighthouse radiating Friendship 1

2 CHAPLAIN/JONQUIL REPORT Olive Thompson Hello everyone, how are you all going? I m fine, except for a painful hand. It is very hot today, 33 degrees. If anyone is cold I ll send some down. Always willing to share. Judy Joy of Alpha Rho has been in hospital with Asthma. There is just over a month till we have Half-Yearly, so I will be busy doing the book for Chaplaincy and preparing my report. BIRTHDAYS FOR OCTOBER Daphne Neilsen 1 st Alpha Rho Fay Dennien 2 nd Alpha Rho Olive Thompson 11 th Alpha Rho Margaret Kortbaek 18 th Beta Omicron Judy Ogden 21 st Alpha Rho Pat Cross 21 st Alpha Pi May you celebrate a wonderful birthday with family and friends. To all ESA ladies who are sharing a birthday, wherever you are, may the sun shine upon you and give you peace. Love in ESA, Olive Thompson ESA Australia Chaplain ESA STATE CHAPLAIN/ JONQUIL Olive Thompson Big Dreams: Start Inside Take Courage Involve Effort Include Mistakes Build Character Are Achievable Sherry Day Greetings from Arizona! I saw a poster the other day that had the words above and I believe that they are true. There is no magic in making dreams come true but with effort our dreams are achievable. October is recruitment month in ESA! What are your plans for the month to bring in new members? The ESA website has so many ideas for parties and events. Take a look. You may find something new and exciting to give a try. I would love to see pictures or read articles on things that are happening in your chapters. I know if we all dream big for membership, we will see ESA grow this year. The tentative agenda for IC Convention will be coming out in just a couple of weeks. There are great tours planned and some exciting and new workshops. The dales are July 16-23, 2017 in St. Louis, Missouri. I would love to see you there. Remember that all of our dreams will come true if we have the courage to pursue them. Dream Big! Always, Sherry Day IC President Remember, all our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them. I C President 2

3 What ESA Means to Me Annette Wisnewski Alpha Rho In December this year it will be 2 years since I met the wonderful ladies from the Alpha Rho branch. I had started working for Central Queensland (CQ) Rescue and I met the ladies while we were doing the gift wrapping in Caneland Shopping Centre for Christmas. Judy Johnson took me under her wing and explained what the organisation was about, and I looked at the fun the girls were having together even when working hard and thought, Maybe!. I had been looking around for a charity for many years to join, but hadn t found the right fit for me. I felt these ladies might be it. Judy Johnson invited me to their Christmas Party and by the end of the evening I was hooked. Since then I have been having fun with the girls, where I can because of work, and am this year the Secretary of the Alpha Rho Committee, something I haven t done before, as in the past I have always been the treasurer of clubs, being an accountant. I have forged many new friendships and have realised how much some people do in the background for our community and for charities. I have also been able to get out more with the dinners, events and fun things we do in the past two years where I would normally just sit at home. Best of this is I know that if I am lonely or have a problem, I have a lot of sisters I can call on for help or to advise. Thank you to Judy Johnson and my Alpha Rho Sisters for now being in my life and being my friends. Annette Marianne Steenstsma Snapshot of ESA Membership - Part 3 State Vice President Dear Sisters, I am still overseas, but in the next newsletter I will finish my Snapshot of my ESA Membership. Mariannne The Kallangur Tavern is the venue for our 2017 Convention. Check out the Tavern at More details and costs for the Convention and the accommodation will be available at Half- Yearly. Branch Education Reports Lyn Buckley QLD State Education Officer Branch: Alpha Epsilon Proserpine Education Officer: Robyn Creighton (report by Pat Burns in Robyn s absence) Yearly Theme: Learning is forever Topic of this Program: Jewellery making Our social / education programme was held on the 28 th September at the Proserpine Community Centre. Our guest speaker was Verena Schammell, pictured working with Pat, who demonstrated jewellery making and guided us through a make and take experience, where we were able to create a lovely piece of jewellery to take home. Convention

4 Verena supplied the necessary items and helped us with our beautiful creations. Nine of our members were able to attend and we welcomed five guests who joined in with the jewellery making. Verena had prepared a kit for each of us and we found this very helpful. We began the session with morning tea which included tea and coffee and some lovely eats supplied by members. These were also available throughout the lunch time, to help to keep the creative juices flowing. Verena very kindly donated a gift for a raffle. We also held our mystery auction. This was a very enjoyable event. Pat Burns (for Robyn) Education Officer: Leone Ryan Yearly Theme: Women s Safety Topic of this Program: The Enneagram On September 22 Alpha Pi held an open meeting in the Function Room at Kallangur Tavern with Guest Speaker Di Peachey, pictured here with Education Officer Leone. Di guided those present through an introduction,to The Enneagram. Usually, people attend full weekend seminars on this topic, so clearly this just touched the surface. Di is a Senior Education Officer, within the Learning Services Directorate of Brisbane Catholic Education Office. The Enneagram is a system for understanding Human Nature. It describes nine different ways that humans interpret the world and behave within it. In addition to behaviours and characteristic tendencies, the Enneagram describes the unconscious motivations underlying our behaviour. These motivations describe why we think, feel, and act the way we do. Each personality type has a valid yet limited point of view. When we study all the personality types, we can better understand how and why others see the world differently from us. This awareness leads to greater understanding, compassion, and acceptance of others. The Enneagram framework is relatively easy to understand and is a powerful and dynamic tool that empowers a better understanding of ourselves and others. We were delighted to welcome eight guests, including Daphne Neilsen from Alpha Rho. The members and guests who attended were all fascinated with the process for determining their personal number, and those who identified their type were surprised that it described their personalities so accurately. It was a great night and all agreed that it would be interesting to have follow-up session at some time. It was a very interesting and informative talk. Leone 4

5 Branch: Alpha Rho Education Officer: Judy Joy Topic of this Program: As Judy has been ill, there is no Education Report from Alpha Rho this month. Get well Judy! Branch: Beta Epsilon Gin Gin Education Officer: Branch Project Yearly Theme: Spectate or Participate Let s Educate Topic of this Program: Kinesiology On 20 th September, 2016 Beta Epsilon members were given an insight into Holistic Kinesiology by practitioner Richelle D Anann. Richelle s business is called Gin Gin Health and Wellbeing and she offers several alternative therapies such as Therapeutic and Relaxation Massage, Acupressure and Lymphatic Reflex Therapy. Richelle checks guest Karen s muscles Kinesiology uses muscle monitoring to gather information about a person s well-being. It uses Western techniques and Eastern wisdom to promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Kinesiology is non-invasive and the goal is to identify any imbalance in the body and to resolve it. The imbalance may be nutritional, emotional, structural, psychological or spiritual. Karen gets her hips checked Most members were interested in the presentation and open to a different style of therapy rather than the accepted mainstream medicine. Cherryl presented Richelle with a gift in appreciation. Cherryl Branch: Beta Omicron, Sunnybank Education Officer: Alba Mason Yearly Theme: I m Still Learning Topic of this Program: Visit to Roma Street Parklands, Brisbane Beta Omicron members and guests visited the Roma Street Parklands in September. The Roma Street Parklands opened in 2001 after a $72 million dollar development program. Now, 15 years later, it is a subtropical wonderland. The land has a rich varied history, from an aboriginal meeting place to the first European settlers. With a fresh water creek running through it, it was a substantial source of fresh water for many years. A parkland explorer train will take you on a guided tour through a rainforest, fern gully, waterfalls, a spectacular garden. Visitors will view over 350 types of palms, a myriad of beautiful ferns, an avenue of weeping figures. We saw the tallest lily in the world. With 400,000 litre water tanks the park is self-sufficient for irrigation. The children s gardens opened in August 2015, designed for children to learn, explore and discover nature. There are lots of barbeque areas and seats to rest on. We thoroughly enjoyed our day realising what a grand place it is to bring visitors. Alba Patients should keep hydrated by drinking water before and after a session. Kinesiology is a tool that can be used to find out what is wrong with the body. 5

6 Branch Reports Alpha Epsilon Pat Burns At our September meeting we were very pleased to welcome our member from Widgee, Pat Smith, who is currently staying in the Whitsundays. Pat was able to join us at a local function, the annual Senior Citizens and Pensioners morning tea, lunch and major cent sale. We enjoyed some lovely entertainment and delicious lunch. Around 100 people attended from Collinsville and Bowen in the north, Sarina in the south and around the local area. It is always a time to get a little bit dressed up, come with some cash in your pocket and a good appetite. We assisted this year, with Helen Mathewson selling tickets on the door and Pat Smith and Robyn Creighton being runners for the cent sale prizes. There was some wonderful entertainment where we could all sing along to the songs and even have a bit of a dance. Our member and State President, Grace, has been away in Townsville helping out with family. Nice to see her back on 28 th for our education programme. We have been able to make substantial donations to the Proserpine Meals on Wheels and Blue Care. These donations were made from the branches of the Whitsunday District Council Alpha Epsilon and Alpha Rho. These donations were made in memory of our longserving member, Ellen, who passed away recently. The September educational programme was a make and take Jewellery demonstration, where we were able to create some masterpieces to wear. Plans are underway for those of us who hope to attend the half-yearly meeting in Rockhampton, where we look forward to seeing our sisters from the south. All for now, Pat. Patricia Burns, Publicity Chairman. Hello Everyone from Redcliffe. Alpha Pi Carmel Mulcahy We have had a damp, but no too wet start to Spring so the grass is green, and the weather is warming nicely. Our members have been busy throughout the month with education and fundraising. Education this time was a session on the Enneagram which is a good chance to stop and assess yourself as you learn more about how those around you think and feel. The better we understand each other, the better our world will be. Fundraising has been HUGE! We had a Bunnings BBQ on Saturday 10 th which was particularly busy and this was followed by our annual Parade on 11 th. Alpha Pi at the Fashion Parade, not the BBQ 6

7 However, this time, our venue did all the catering and much of the décor which took the pressure off. We had a really good attendance in a glamourous room with ceiling drapes and candelabra on all the tables. Our theme was Mad Hatter s Tea Party, so hat parades were held for both the weird and the beautiful variety of hats. There was a quiz to test knowledge of the Mad Hatter and his antics and Fashions on the Go provided a widely varied range of clothing for all occasions and styles, with emphasis on easy care and easy wear, especially when travelling. We were saddened to hear that our sister Elizabeth was hospitalized following a serious incident with her dogs during which she was severely bitten on the shin, requiring skin grafts. I am pleased to report that she is now recovering at home, but we missed her at our most recent events. Pat has just returned from a 7 day cruise of the Pacific which she reports was wonderful, and Alison has recently been camping. Until next month, Cheers Carmel Alpha Rho Annette Wisnewski Hi Everyone, The news from Mackay is that the shaking has stopped well enough that we can t feel it. Anyway, we didn t let it faze us and we kept doing what we do all the time and that is raise money, so we got on with it. We keep doing well selling our meat raffle tickets on Friday nights at the Shamrock Hotel with good days and bad days of course, but we are well received every Friday night. We have also been busy trying to keep up with the students of the Care Kitchen every Thursday. We recently held a sausage sizzle at Bunnings and had our art union tickets for sale as well. We had a few big days with Daffodil Day and raised a lot of money for cancer research and it was their 30 th year Anniversary. You would think they should be finding a cure soon. Half-Yearly Conference preparation is well underway and our Judy s (we have 4 of them) think it is going to a good one. While some are off having fun in Rockhampton in an air conditioned Conference Room, the rest of us will be slaving out in the hot sun handing out drinks to the children at the Special Children s Christmas Party. We are on the countdown to Christmas and our biggest fundraisers for the year, which is gift wrapping in Caneland Shopping Centre with the beneficiaries of that being the SES and CQ Rescue. We currently all have bags of gift tags to make and while I am at work the girls are having a bow making workshop (they thought working bee sounded like hard work). Well that is about it for now, Signing off from Mackay Annette 7

8 Hello ESA sisters, Beta Epsilon Jane Stebhens Well this week it would seem that Winter has moved on and Summer has arrived, forgetting Spring. We will see what next week brings. Our family is camping so expect wind and rain! Jan Tobin has returned from her adventure. She survived rumbling volcanoes and marauding pirates. Margaret Carseldine is off to Euston (Australia not Texas) for a 60 th and 70 th birthday. Rita Maughan and Heather Kohring are attending a ballet at the Brolga Theatre in Maryborough. My youngest son had his appendix out so that turned all our worlds upside down for a few days. Kids bounce back quickly however and he is keen to head back to motorbike riding and tackle football. The girls have also been very busy selling Art Union Tickets and organising Girls Night In to be held in October. We are very pleased to announce we have a newly pledged member to Beta Epsilon. Welcome, Pearl Christensen! Hope this finds everyone well and happily looking forward to the coming months. bring on the heat I say. Jane Hello Everyone, Beta Omicron Val Files At the moment Sheila is not 100% so we are hoping that she will soon be well again. It was the anniversary of Alf Mason's passing last week - hard to believe it is a year - so Alba and the family converged up the Sunshine Coast at her son Chris' home to be together. Alba went on a bus trip to Noela's Garden at Donnybrook, and had a great morning tea, and wonderful day. At the moment, Margaret is in Wondai seeing her sister, but is due back in coming days. She and John recently visited Sabah, Borneo. Highlights were seeing Mt Kinabalu wearing the soft clouds around the top. While they were on the river looking for birds and different species of monkey they saw a group of elephants swim across the river and come out on the other side - they were told not many people see this amazing sight. The orangutans are the funniest of the monkey families, just like kids playing and rolling around together. They saw the big hornbill birds. They visited Sandakan, the site of the POW WW2 Camp, and walked on parts of the 'death march' track where only 6 of 2500 prisoners survived. This was a very sobering experience. It is an interesting country to visit, lovely food, pleasant people and close to Australia. Jack and Val have been cruising the Baltic and had a wonderful month. They had a few days at the end of their cruise in New York, and got to see Phantom of the Opera at Broadway, which was truly wonderful. Their tickets were so good that they were in the front row, with the orchestra in the sunken area just in front of them. They could look over and see them all playing. What a great experience! Beta Omicron Fashion Parade will be held on October 19, so all will be busily discussing that at the next meeting on Friday. I believe we will only have two going to Half Yearly, which is looming very quickly. Of course we are selling Art Union tickets as well. Until next time, Val 8

9 National Council of Women of Queensland Kathy Cavanagh The Annual Report, published for the AGM, features the banner in its artwork. The Reports from Affiliated Organisations is also distributed at the AGM. This included the ESA report. This booklet provides another way of sharing information across various women s groups. Enjoy a great half-yearly at Rockhampton Kathy Cavanagh New NCWQ President Following the AGM on 6 th September, new State President, Lyn Buckley took office, from her previous role of Acting President. This gives Lyn the opportunity of making the role her own as the organisation works through the strategic planning process, strengthening the focus on today s issues and better serving affiliated organisations and associate members. With Alison Muir being elected to the Management Committee, ESA is now wellrepresented in NCWQ. I too am a committee member, having held the office of Recording Secretary for the maximum four-year period. I continue in my role as Bursary Program Coordinator. Bursary Program The slack bursary time is about up, with initial planning now under way as we review administration processes, take additional coordinators on board and negotiate the sponsorship of 2017 bursaries. With new bursaries already under discussion, it is important that the whole program is managed as efficiently as possible. The Morning Tea and Fashion Parade is the main fund-raising event for the NCWQ-sponsored bursaries. To be held on 12 th October, we look forward to a fun and profitable time. NCWQ Banner The AGM also saw the launch of a new promotional banner, featuring logos of many of the organisations affiliated with NCWQ. Having been an idea for some time, it was great to see it come to fruition, thanks to one of the committee members, whose son is a graphic designer. It is a great way to depict the breadth of membership. Often various organisations are working on similar projects, and the synergy from working together can compound the effort and benefits. 9

10 Notices Lisa Zachau - Website Administrator There are no new matters to report regarding the website, but please keep me informed of all activities that you plan so I can list them for you. Cheers Lisa All Things Aussie Fun Facts About Australia The Latest Stories Crocodile Slams Into Tree Who do you think was more scared? The Australian family camping in Kakadu National Park who woke up when a three metre crocodile tried climbing up on their tent? Or the crocodile, when the family started screaming? The poor croc turned straight around and raced back towards the water, unfortunately overlooking the tree in its way. The tree lost a fair bit of bark and there were two big wet circles where the croc's nose had slammed into the tree... I Can't Find Uluru A tourist from New South Wales had to stop another vehicle to ask for directions to Ayers Rock. Nothing strange or funny about it? Well, Ayers Rock is huge (348 metres high and 9.6 km in circumference), and it is the only significant feature along the only road in the area, and he was right in front of the rock with his headlights shining on it! You'd think you'd notice, wouldn't you? But no! He pulled over the next car coming along, to ask for directions. The car looked like a ranger's vehicle to him. Well, they were cops instead and they immediately whipped out their breathalyser Too bad... State Art Union Reminder Time is almost up for watering the money tree! Hopefully you have sold all your tickets and the butts and money are on their way to Colleen, or packed for their trip to Half-Yearly. Any queries, please contact State Philanthropic Officer Judy Johnson at Alpha Rho, and she will assist. From Your state Credentials Chairperson Hello E.S.A Sisters By now I hope all Branches have received an (27/8) from me requesting the names of the Delegates who will be voting for their Branch at Half Yearly in Rockhampton on the 5 th and 6 th of November. If you are voting by proxy fill in Section 1 of the Credentials Form or if you have delegates attending fill in Section 2 of the form and return to me by the 14 th October 2016 All the branches that have paid I.C. dues, State Affiliation and Insurance are entitled to one vote for every ten (10) Jewel Pin members. Therefore: 1 10 members receive 1 vote members receive 2 votes members receive 3 votes Form can be to: by the 14 th October 2016 Thank you Judy Jesshope Credentials Chairperson Keep ESA shining brightly 10

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12 ESA International Qld State Council & Branches Inc. Half-Yearly Convention Centrepoint Convention Centre; 131 George Street; Rockhampton Qld 4700 Phone SATURDAY 5 th November and SUNDAY 6 th November 2014 NAME:..BRANCH: ADDRESS: DELEGATE..Yes/No OBSERVER..Yes/No Meals Saturday Cost Per Head Lunch $ Banquet $ Sunday Lunch $ Total cost meals $.. Any special dietary requirements:.... Saturday morning & afternoon tea & Sunday morning tea will be provided complimentary by Alpha Rho & Alpha Epsilon REGISTRATION by 14 th October 2016 & MEALS MONEY TO BE PAID BY 14 th October 2016 Cheque made payable to E.S.A. International Alpha Rho Mackay Branch P O Box 6560 Mackay Mail Cetre Qld 4740 TRAVEL PLANS ARRIVAL I will arrive in Rockhampton on Friday 4th or Saturday 5th by bus..., train. or plane at approximately.....a.m. or.p.m. Do you need to be picked up and transported to Centrepoint? YES NO... 12

13 DEPARTURE I will depart from Rockhampton on Sunday 6 th by bus..., train. or plane. at approximately...a.m. or.p.m. Do you require transport to your departure point? YES.NO. Contracts: Judy Jesshope Alpha Rho Mackay Phone: Home / Mobile or Judy Johnson Alpha Rho Mackay Phone: Home / Mobile

14 Dear ESA Sisters You are invited to join with Alpha Rho and Alpha Epsilon Members for Dinner When: Friday 4 th November 2016 Where: Rockhampton Leagues Club, Cambridge Street, Rockhampton At: 6.30pm R S V P: 14 th October - (This will enable us to book a table) To: Judy Jesshope Ph.: / The Courtesy Bus can pick everyone up from Centrepoint at approx pm and bring us back to Centrepoint after Dinner. 14