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1 City of Sanibel Planning Department MEMORANDUM DATE: May 28,2013 TO: FROM: SUBJECT: Judie Zimomra, City Manager James C. Jordan, Planning Direct~6r~r _>,...;::.._ April 2013 Development Permit Activity Report Attached for your information and consideration is the April 2013 Development Permit Application Activity Report. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. JCJ/mav Enc (1) c: City Council Planning Commission Planning Department K:\Planning\JCJ\Ltr-JZ-Permit Activity Report Cover Ltr April 2013

2 City of Sanibel Planning Department April, 2013 Permit Activity Report - Permit Nos to PC = Planning Commission CC = City Council LDC = Land Development Code DP = Development Permit CUP = Conditional Use Permit TUP = Temporary Use Permit SFR= Single Family Residence HOA= Home Owner's Association SHORT FORM Permit Address Strap No. Owner Filing Description Status Issue West Gulf West Shore Condo West Shore Condo Asso T CE 04/01/13 Drive Asso Rem Gumbo Limbo Issued 04/16/ Blind Pass Maughan Jason & Tl-0030A.0090 Court Barbara 04/01/13 Maughan-Add/Rem SFR Issued 04/22/ Periwinkle Way T2-T Sanibel-Captiva San-Cap Conserv Found 04/02/13 Conserv Found Accessory Dev Other Issued 04/30/ Donax &Periwinkle n/a City Right of Way Coastal Approve Coastal Approve Lighting 04/04/13 Lighting Sign X 2 Cde Enf Pen Shell Drive ~ T Kelly Gregory L & Donna L 04/04/13 Kelly Add/Add Remodel Birdie View ~ T F.0210 Prann John R Jr & Cheryl S TR 04/04/13 Prann - Fence Issued 05/17/ Island Inn Island Inn Co-Rep Windows & ~ T Island Inn Co 04/04/13 Road Doors Issued 04/04/ Causeway San-Cap Cham SC Cham Comm -Install perv ~ Tl /04/13 Blvd Comm Inc pavers in pkg lot Seat Oats Drive ~ T2-0040A.0150 Kohn Steven B TR 04/05/13 Arodo - New SFR Joewood Dr T Ruedig Dale F Jr TR 04/05/13 Ruedig - Mangrove Trimming Issued Waters Edge Moore, Bill T Lane Barbara Moore-Rem add to SFR

3 Permit Address Strap No. Owner Filing Description Status Issue Farm Trail T2-0210A.00CE Island Woods HO Island Woods - Paver Assoc Walkway at Comm Rec Issued 04/13/ Periwinkle Way T Periwinkle Park LTD Periwinkle Park- Partnership Demolish/Remove Issued 04/25/ Periwinkle Way T Periwinkle Park LTD Periwinkle Park - Replace MH Partnership Lot 372 Issued 04/25/ Sand Castle Rd T1-0010C.0000 Bre/Dunes Owner Bre/Dunes-Beemat-"Floating LLC Island" Issued 04/24/ Anchor Drive ~ T Beittel Clifford B & Susan J Beittel - Replace Boat Dock Pine A venue Tl-0030B.0320 Kluth Michael & Kluth - Minor Subdivision to Joni Relocate Periwinkle Way T Comm Bank of the Bank of America - Mod Entry 04/09/13 Islands & Pkg Areas Issued 05/02/ Mockingbird T Boyd Crosby N. Jr Boyd - Add Paver Border to 04/1 0/13 & Julia W. Issued 04/10/ Periwinkle Way ~ T Pickens James B & Sanibel lsi Bookshop - New 04/11/13 NeilieS Sign 20 SF Ground Issued 04/11/ West Gulf Dr ~ Tl OOCE Nutmeg Condo NutmegVillage - CCCL Assoc Trimming Issued 04/30/ Sand Dollar Dr ~ T Kelby David E & Virginia H Kelby - Dock Repair Issued bis Lane Tl Greenberg Greenberg - Remove Michael& Susan Gumbo Limbo Fish Crow Dr ~ T Flagg Edith P Flagg - Paver Rear Patio Coquina Dr ~ T OD.0080 Guderian Walter & Guderian - Pervious Paver Evelyn Issued 05/10/ West Gulf Dr T A Brown Merle L & David Brown - Beach Dune Walk Issued Island Inn Rd Island Inn - Enlarge & Enclose T Island Inn Co #1 Lanais Issued 04/26/ Balustrol Court T Lankfort Ronald E Lankford - Removal of & Mary Burt Exotics Issued 04/17/ West Gulf Dr T CE Sanibel Sunset Sanibel Sunset - Alter Main Island Mgt Grp Sign Issued Poinciana Gresham Glen E & Gresham - Remove Cassia; T Circle Phylliss K Rep with native Issued K:/ Planning/ bjb/ PERMIT ACTIVITY REPORT/ Permit Activity Report April 2013JINAL Page 2 of 5

4 Permit Address Strap No. Owner Filing Description Status Issue Sanibel Strobel Manfred H T Bayous Rd TR&Ellen M TR 04/16/13 Strobel -Chairlift Issued 04/16/ Sea Oats Dr T Fred W. Ahlemeier Ahlemeier - Pepper Removal 04/16/13 Co by hand Issued 04/17/ Morningside Castaldo John & Castaldo Castellitto-Code T /16/13 Place Laurie Y2 Int Case 04/16/ East Gulf Dr Tl CE Nu-San Condo Cyprina Beach - Repl Pool 04/12/13 Cyrina Beach Deck Paver Issued 04/24/ Rue Helene T Coleman Robin J Coleman - SFR W /Fence - 04/16/13 TR Enclosed Pool/Deck Issued OS/22/ Lighthouse Way T Williams Robert H Williams - Pervious Paver 04/17/13 & Diane R Issued 05/11/ Blue Crab Garske Edward E & T2-0040B.0200 Court Carol R 04/17/13 Garske - Dog Run Fence Issued 04/22/ Middle Gulf Dr T Chelsea Place Chelsea Place Condo - 4/18/13 CondoAssoc Fence Issued 05/13/ Beach Rd T Yarnall Anne Gates 4/19/13 Yarnall- Mangrove Trimming Issued 04/24/ Lagoon Drive T Bisson John L 04/19/13 Bisson - Replace Stucco Siding Above Frnt Win Issued 04/19/ Periwinkle Way T Sanvest 572 LLC 04/19/13 Sanvest 572 LLC - Bonus Outdoor Dining 16 Seats Paper Fig Jaeger Stephen Tl Court & Rita 04/22/13 Jaeger - Repair Existing Dock Issued 04/22/ Oyster Court T Purdy Danwin M TR 04/22/13 Purdy-Replace Dock & Reinstall Lift Issued 04/24/ West Gulf Mark William W Jr Mark - Transplanting Native Tl /23/13 Drive & Susan L Plants Issued 04/23/ West Gulf Dr T Paul RobertC & Kathryn T 04/25/13 Paul - Generator Henderson Rd T McDermott Phaidra A 04/25/13 McDermott - Irrigation Well Issued 4/25/13 K:/ Planning/ bjb/ PERMIT ACTIVITY REPORT/ Permit Activity Report April 2013JINAL Page 3 of 5

5 Permit Address Strap No. Owner Filing Description Status Issue Birdie View Kleinhenn Linda & Kleinhenn - SFR w/pool & Tl-0330F /29/13 Point C David TR fence Pyrula A venue Tl-0330C.0080 Gorman James W & Maureen M 04/29/13 Gorman - Previous Paver Issued 05/11/ Middle Gulf Dr T Sanibel Sundial Partners LLC 04/29/13 Sundial Resort - New Sign 30 SF Main Ground Issued 4/29/ Kings Crown Dr T$ Greenheck TR 04/29/ Century Court T3-0010A.0090 Stroud Britt & Amy 04/30/13 JPRM Investments - Dock& Boat Lift Stroud - Trimming & Removing Noxious Issued 05/01/13 Issued 05/02/13 K:! Planning! bjb! PERMIT ACTIVITY REPORT! Permit Activity Report April2013JINAL Page 4015

6 LONG FORM Permit Address Strap No. Owner Filing Description Status Planner No. Date Prelim discussion at City-Wide n/a 1/22 & 3/26 PC Mtgs; City of Sanibel: City of Sanibel - Review of Draft Ord LDC 11/27/12 Neglected Property and discussion at Amendment Ordinance 4/26 PC Mtg; revised Scott Fulton City-Wide n/a language requested Preliminary review City of Sanibel: and discussion at City of Sanibel - Bicycle LDC 02/08/13 2/12/13 PC; to return Parking Standards Amendment to PC after cont'd research PC Hearing 4/26, Woodring Road T Mulder Martin L Mulder - CUP for boat appl approved. 03/29/13 + Crystal K lift in Bay Beach Res approved at Roy Gibson Seagrape Lane ~ T /14 PC mtg. Cristo - SFR with Cristo Daniel M 04/03/13 Screen-Enclosed Pool & & Anne Deck Roy Gibson Causeway Blvd T Repeal & Replace Spec. Amendment Ord Howey Charles 04/19/ with new Ord OTR allowing existing Non Seagrape Lane T Conf Use to cont. Alban David & Alban/Bruinsma - Bruinsma Elsa 04/19/13 Shoreline Revetment TR Seagrape Lane T Alban David & Alban/Bruinsma - Burinsma Elsa 04/23/13 Shoreline Revetment TR Sundial - Add 32 Bonus 1451 Middle Gulf Sanibel Sundial T /23/13 Outdoor Seats at Drive Partners Sundial Restaurant Sundial - Establish new 1451 Middle Gulf Sanibel Sundial T /23/ sq ft kitchen facility Drive Partners on the ground floor K:/ Planning/ bjb/ PERMIT ACTIVITY REPORT/ Permit Activity Report April2013JINAL Page 5 of 5