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1 具審查制度期刊論文 (Peer-reviewed Journal Articles) (Last updated, 2017/3/5) 已刊登或已接受刊登之期刊論文 (Published, Published Online, or In Press) Wang WF, Hung CH, Li CY. Development trajectories and predictors of nursing preceptors role commitment. Journal of Nursing Research (Accepted and In-press) SCI/SSCI 2. Lee KY, Li CY, Chang KC, Lu TH, Chen YY. Age of exposure to parental suicide and the subsequent risk of suicide in young people. Crisis: The Journal of Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention. (Accepted and In-press) SCI/SSCI 3. Chen CZ, Hsu CH, Li CY, Hsiue TR. Insulin use increases risk of asthma but metformin use reduces the risk in patients with diabetes in a Taiwanese population cohort. Journal of Asthma (Published on-line) SCI 4. Ou HT, Chang KC, Li CY, Wu JS. Comparative effectiveness and safety of DPP4i as the 3rd line add-on treatment in patients with type 2 diabetes: A nation-wide cohort study. British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology (Published on-line) SCI 5. Ou HT, Chang KC, Li CY, Yang CY, Ko NY. Intensive statin regimens for reducing risk of cardiovascular diseases among HIV-infected population: A nation-wide cohort study from Taiwan, International Journal of Cardiology (Published on-line) SCI 6. Wen PC, Lee CB, Chang YH, Li CY*. Demographic variations in dental care utilization: A population-based nationwide survey in Taiwan. Rural and Remote Health (Accepted and In-press) (* corresponding author) SCI 7. 劉芷菁, 陳培君, 李佩珍, 甘偵蓉, 張欣惠, 李碧芳, 李中一 核子設施鄰近民眾癌症流行病學調查研究方法指引介紹 台電工程月刊, Hou WH, Li CY, Chen LH, Wang LY, Kuo KN, Shen HN, Chang MF. Prevalence of hand syndromes among patients with diabetes mellitus in Taiwan: A population-based study. Journal of Diabetes (Published on-line) SCI 9. Hou WH, Li CY, Chang HH, Sun Y, Tsai CC. A population-based cohort study suggests an increased risk of multiple sclerosis incidence in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Journal of Epidemiology (Published on-line) SCI 1

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