Milan2018. November 9 th -10 th Symposium and practical course on. 2 nd Announcement

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1 The scientific and educational content of this event has been endorsed by Milan2018 November 9 th -10 th Symposium and practical course on Advanced Spinal Navigation Surgery LIVE SURGERY AND HANDS-ON NAVIGATION IN SPINAL SURGERY Meeting Venue Centro Congressi Humanitas Via Manzoni, 113 Rozzano MI Italy Ph with the Faculty of Consensus Conference sponsored by WFNS Spine Committee LUMBAR STENOSIS WITH AND WITHOUT INSTABILITY Hands-on Venue Mario Luzzatto Simulation Center Via Rita Levi Montalcini, 4 Pieve Emanuele - Milan (Italy) Ph Scientific Directors Maurizio Fornari Franco Servadei Mehmet Zileli Marco Crostelli Course Organizer Francesco Costa 2 nd Announcement

2 AIM OF THE EVENT Newly developed technologies are being used more and more in medicine and surgery, thus possibly changing daily activities. In the last years in spinal surgery was introduced the concept of navigation system and actually is recognize as a useful tool, especially in screws positioning. However, despite triumphalism and excellent clinical and radiological results, as demonstrated by several papers, there is still debate regarding where and when this technology should be used. Up to now on the market are available 3 main types of navigation: Virtual fluoroscopy, which allows simultaneous 2-dimensional (2D) views; 3D navigation based on pre-operative CT scan; 3D navigation based on intraoperative acquisition of images. According to the type of navigation used different concerns arise: the quality of imaging, the overall cost of these technologies, the learning curve and radiation exposure form the main points on the bench for the prosecution. Based on our long experience with all the type of navigation systems, adopted since 2001, we have created this interactive course, composed by a mix of lectures, live-surgery and an unique handson course on spinal navigation, with the aim of offering a comprehensive picture of the topic. Advantages as well disadvantages will be discussed with criticism and peculiar solutions proposed. This course will provide the unique opportunity to meet some of the greatest exponents in the world of spine surgery. Participants will have the chance to interact with the experts in a relaxed and informal setting by discussing from the operating-room set-up to the technical aspects of navigation system. Specific clinical cases and tip and tricks of navigation will touch by hands during the interactive cadaver lab. Milano is for the first time the venue of an event with this peculiar format, possible thanks to the new Luzzatto center and to an high-quality audio-video connection. Following our tradition we have organized a format promoting discussions and sharing of experiences; our target will be achieved if those who will attend at this event will get back with some even small useful hint for professional activity. Maurizio Fornari Franco Servadei Mehmet Zileli Marco Crostelli

3 Schedule and Lectures Friday, November 9 th, :00 Registration Welcome, introduction, clinical cases framing 08:30-09:00 M. Fornari F. Servadei M. Zileli Live Surgery from O.R. nr. 3 Spine Suite 09:00-13:00 Chairman: R. De Falco 10:00-11:00 Open Coffee 09:00-13:00 13:00-14:00 Buffet Lunch Live Surgery from O.R. nr. 2 Ibrid Spine Suite Chairman: F. Guida 14:00-15:30 Lectures. Chairman: F. Servadei 14:00 P. Pereira - Minimally invasive surgery and navigation in the thoracic spine 14:15 M. Zileli - Problems of geriatric spine surgery S. Robertson - O-arm navigation versus fluoroscopy in Pedicle 14:30 screw placement G. Costanzo Revision surgery in thoraco-lumbar spine: tip 14:45 and tricks 15:00 S. Sharif - Complication avoidance in Navigation Spine surgery 15:15 M. Crostelli Surgery of thoraco-lumbar deformity 15:30-16:00 Coffee Break Hands-on navigation on thoracic spine audio-video connection with plenary hall 16:00-18:30 F. Costa; A. Ortolina; A. Barbanera Chairman: R. De Falco 18:30 Adjourn Saturday, November 10 th, :30-10:00 Lectures. Chairman: M. Fornari 08:30 J. Parthiban - Brain Eye to Spinal Navigation - Change in techniques and Challenges 08:45 O. Alves - Do we always need spinal navigation? 09:00 09:15 U. Restelli Cost-effectiveness of navigation system A. Bajamal Spine surgery in Indonesia: a growing field for neurosurgeon 09:30 N. Konovalov Intramedullary Tumors 9:30-10:00 Q&A 9:45-10:30 Coffee Break 10:30-13:00 Hands-on navigation on thoraco-lumbar spine audio-video connection with plenary hall F. Costa; A. Ortolina; G. Barbagallo Chairman: G. Innocenzi 13:00 CME evaluation test and closure

4 Educational Goals HANDS-ON DISSECTION SET UP To provide at the participants the basis of spinal navigation with a step-by-step approach. With only two/three surgeons per station, hands-on cadaver sessions will focus on the set-up, software management, and practical use of navigation in thoracolumbar spine. Participants will have the opportunity to perform posterior/postero-lateral approaches, to learn the use of navigated instruments for screws placement, as well surgical approaches navigated assisted. The latest technology including, high-speed drills and different types of neuronavigation for CT-scanned specimens will be available. In the master station will be available the O-arm system. Course reserved up to 11 attendees 2 in master work station and 3 for the other work stations



7 GENERAL INFORMATION Meeting Venue Venue for meeting Centro Congressi Humanitas Via Manzoni, 113 Rozzano MI Italy Ph Venue for hands-on Mario Luzzatto Simulation Center Via Rita Levi Montalcini, 4 Pieve Emanuele MI Italy Ph Main distance To the airport: Milano Malpensa 65 km Milano Linate 23 km To the train station: Milano Centrale 20 km Milano Rogoredo 18 km Milano downtown 15 Km There is a parking area just under the Congress Center Parking P7. In case of necessity are also available the nearest parking P5 and P4. Daily rate Euro 5,00.

8 GENERAL INFORMATION REGISTRATION FEES (VAT included) OBSERVER from plenary hall Fellow and Student Free registration Young surgeon (under 40)* 100,00 Regular 200,00 Company Staff** 120,00 * A copy of a document must be attached to the registration form ** In addition to those included in the sponsorship agreement HANDS-ON ATTENDEE > up to 11 surgeons Regular 650,00/day The OBSERVER registration includes: attendance to all scientific sessions congress kit attendance certificate entrance to the exhibition area F&B provided during the scientific program The HANDS-ON ATTENDEE registration includes: attendance to all scientific sessions congress kit attendance certificate entrance to the exhibition area F&B provided during the scientific program + 2,5 hours of practical navigation training step by step on wet lab educational material (single use material and surgical kit) 1 anatomical specimen every 3 participants welcome dinner with Faculty The COMPANY STAFF registration fee includes: entrance to the exhibition area F&B provided during the scientific program Registration Form will be available only on the dedicated website For Italian participants only ISCRIZIONI A CARICO DI ASL E AZIENDE OSPEDALIERE In caso di richiesta di emissione fattura nei confronti di enti esenti IVA, quali ad esempio A.S.L. o Aziende Ospedaliere, il partecipante dovrà farne richiesta al momento dell invio della scheda di iscrizione, barrando l apposita casella. La A.S.L./A.O. è tenuta a inviare a My Meeting, contestualmente alla scheda di iscrizione, i dati necessari all emissione della fattura elettronica (codice univoco) e a effettuare il pagamento della quota ESENTE IVA vista fattura. Una volta emesse le fatture non potranno essere modificate. In caso di mancata partecipazione dell iscritto, non sono previsti rimborsi. HOW TO REGISTER AND HOW TO PAY To subscribe to this event is necessary to fill the Registration Form available on the dedicated website and send it together with payment to the Organizing Secretariat My Meeting (Fax / The registration will be confirmed by with a voucher. No registration will be processed unless accompanied payment. A receipt of payment for the total amount will be issued directly by My Meeting Srl. N.B.: The hands-on course has a limited enrolment; registration will be handle accordingly with the firstcome, first served system. The Organizing Secretariat will take care to inform the acceptance or less of the participation. CANCELLATION POLICY No refunds will be made for cancellations. Notification of cancellation or substitutions must be made in written to the Organizing Secretariat. Deadline for registration October 31 st, 2018 After this date you can enroll only at the meeting venue but only as observer from plenary hall.

9 GENERAL INFORMATION HOTEL ACCOMMODATION On the occasion of the meeting have been provided incentive rates for participants at some hotels located near the Congress venue and the Central Railway Station. The list of the Hotels will be available on the dedicated website To make a reservation contact the hotel directly and refer to the agreement with Organizing Secretariat My Meeting for the Course on Advanced Spinal Navigation Surgery. INSURANCE Registration fees do not include insurance of any kind. It is strongly recommended that when your register for the Course and make your travel arrangements, you take out an insurance policy of your choice. The Organizing Secretariat cannot take any responsibility for any participant failing to arrange their own insurance. This insurance is to be purchased in your country of origin. VISA Some participants may need an entry VISA for Italy. Participants are requested to contact the Italian Embassy or Consulate in their home country or ask their travel agency for specific details relating to visa requirements. It is the participant s responsibility of the participant to obtain a visa if required. For more information see the web site of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Privacy Your personal data, voluntarily provided on this occasion and collected by My Meeting Srl, shall be manually and electronically processed, for the following purposes: keeping files on your participation in Congresses, Conferences, Meetings and other Events organized by My Meeting Srl and in compliance with law provisions. Your personal data shall be communicated to suppliers and third parties involved or participating in the Event as well as to relevant public authorities, in compliance with law provisions. Provision of requested personal data for the purposes listed above is compulsory for your participation in the Event. Personal data are kept by My Meeting Srl Via 1 Maggio 33/ Ozzano dell Emilia (BO) Italy. You shall be entitled to exercise all the rights provided for by Title II of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003. By signing the Registration Form of the Congress you declare that you read the information provided and give your consent to the processing and communication of your personal data for the purposes listed above.