SECEC-ESSSE CLOSED MEETING. ANTWERP - Belgium 24 th - 25 th September

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1 24 th - 25 th September 2016 Local Organizing Committee Olivier Verborgt - Roger van Riet (Chairmen) & Juan Bruguera (SECEC General Secretary)


3 WELCOME ADDRESS Dear SECEC members, After a congress is always before a congress! Let me briefly recall the last year: In Milan we experienced the most successful congress SECEC has ever had regarding the number of participants from more than 50 countries and the number and quality of submitted abstracts. Thanks to Alex Castagna and his organizing team we will remember not only an outstanding scientific meeting but also excellent social events reflecting the atmosphere of Italy s major world fashion and design center. After a short break over Christmas our committees have been very busy putting several projects into practice, most of which are dedicated to the progress in the field of education, as well as organizing the next meeting, the SECEC Elbow Instructional Course together with our Closed Meeting both taking place in Antwerp in September The intention to combine the Closed Meeting with an international elbow course was introduced first in Madrid by Samuel Antuña. Last year our EXCOM decided to follow this idea and install the course to be held in each year of the ICSS i.e. in a three year turn but of course not colliding with it. This gives us the chance to foster elbow surgery and to provide European elbow centers with the opportunity to apply for an annual meeting on a lower budget level. Denise Eygendaal and Roger van Riet have prepared an excellent program for the SECEC Elbow Course (September 22-24). Roger van Riet and Olivier Verborgt are in charge for the local organization of our Closed Meeting, September We are looking forward to four outstanding days in the historic, most populous city of Flanders. Till this day numerous splendid buildings testify to the wealth of Antwerp s citizens in the 16th century. On behalf of SECEC we look forward to welcoming you in Antwerp, Frank Gohlke President of SECEC 3

4 WELCOME TO ANTWERP The historic city of Antwerp is located centrally in Flanders, Belgium and is easily accessible from any country in Europe. It is the birthplace of Rubens and famous for both its chocolates and beautiful diamonds. Antwerp has a small international airport and a large railway station with high speed train connections to many European cities. The international airport of Brussels is located at about 30 minutes by train or car. Venue Website Hilton Antwerp Old Town Groenplaats 32, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium Getting to Antwerp ferrocarril-vista-frontal-de-trenes_ belgian Railways There are frequent connections from Amsterdam and Brussels and the train trip is about 30 long. 4

5 GENERAL INFORMATION Local Organizing Committee Olivier Verborgt - Roger van Riet (Chairmen) & Juan Bruguera (SECEC General Secretary) Venue Hilton Antwerp Old Town Groenplaats 32, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium Registration fee: SECEC Before July 31th After July 31th SECEC Members It includes: Two coffee breaks and adjourn lunch WWW. SECEC. ORG COMBO FEE FOR SECEC MEMBERS (Antwerp Elbow Course & SECEC Closed Meeting) - 10% discount Before July 15th = % disc = 540 After July 15th = % disc = 621 onsite = % disc = 666 Accommodation (Hilton Antwerp) Hilton Antwerp Old Town Single Room Double Room Reservation link: MAIN CONTACT DETAILS SECEC Central Office Secretary: SYLVIE NOËL 69 Bld des Canuts Lyon. France M Social dinner 70 Zuiderterras Restaurant On Saturday evening. This is not included in the registration fee. Join us at one of the most typical Belgian dinners. Video corner available: Please submit your video to Deadline: June 15, Technical Secretariat Calle Nápoles, 187-2º Barcelona Tel Fax Maro Kazamiaki TORRESPARDO Congress Management 5

6 PROGRAM Saturday 24/9/ h SESSION I ROTATOR CUFF h 01. Intra And Inter-Observer Agreement Of Sugaya, Goutallier, Warner And Thoma zeau Classifcation Scores Using Postoperative MRI Imaging In Patients With Rotator Cuff Repair At 10 Years Follow Up. Philippe Collin 1, Lucas Niglis 2, Jean François Kempf 2 1. CHP Saint Grégoire, Rennes, France 2. CHU, Strasbourg, France h 02. Three-Dimensional Analysis Of The Critical Shoulder Angle From A Biomechanical Perspective. Nerissa Naidoo 1, Alexander Van Tongel 2, Lieven De Wilde 2 1. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa 2. Ghent University Hospital, Ghent, Belgium h 03. Does The Duration Of Immobilization After SSP Reconstruction Influence Tendon Healing And Shoulder Function? Petra Magosch 1, Sven Lichtenberg 1, Mark Tauber 2, Peter Habermeyer 2 1. ATOS Clinic Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany 2. ATOS Clinic Munich, Munich, Germany h 04. Advantages Of Arthroscopic Transosseous Rotator Cuff Repair. A Prospective Ran domized Clinical Trial. Pietro S Randelli, Carlo A Stoppani, Carlo Zaolino, Alessandra Menon, Paolo Arrigoni, Paolo Cabitza University of Milan, IRCCS Policlinico San Donato, Milano, Italy h 05. Randomized Controlled Prospective Trial For Rotator Cuff Tear Repair With Medialized Single Row Suture Anchors And Augmentation With Porcine Dermal Patch Paolo Avanzi 1, Luca Dei Giudici 2, Pierluigi Lunardi 3, Claudio Zorzi 4 1. Orthopaedic Division, Sacro Cuore - Don Calabria Hospital, Negrar, Verona, Italy 2. Clinical Orthopaedics, DISCLIMO, Politechnic Univesity of Marche, Ancona, Italy 3. Radiotherapy, Radiological Division, Ospedale Sacro Cuore - Don Calabria, Verona, Italy 4. Orthopaedic Division, Ospedale Sacro Cuore - Don Calabria, Negrar, Verona, Italy 6

7 PROGRAM h 06. Long-Term Outcome After Pectoralis Major Transfer For Irreparable Antero- Superior-Rotator CuffTears. Philipp Moroder, Eva Schulz, Johannes Becker, Thomas Hoffelner, Stefan Lederer, Herbert Resch Paracelsus Medical University, Salzburg, Austria h SESSION II SHOULDER INSTABILITY h 07. Glenoid Rim Fracture After GlenoHumeral Stabilization With Reabsorbable Device. Carlo Alberto Augusti, Paolo Paladini, Giovanni Merolla, Giuseppe Porcellini Unit of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, Cattolica, Italy h 08. Infraspinatus Strength Assessment And Ultrasound Evaluation Of Arthroscopic Hill-Sachs Remplissage. Francesco Fauci 1, Giovanni Merolla 1, Paolo Paladini 1, Antonio Padolino 2, Giuseppe Porcellini 1 1. Unit of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, Cattolica, Italy 2. Clinica Ortopedica, Pavia, Italy h 09. Bipolar Bone Loss In Posterior Shoulder Instability: The Gamma Angle Concept. Markus Scheibel 2, Philipp Moroder 1, Andreas Imhoff 3, Dennis Liem 4, Helmut Lill 5, Mark Tauber 6 1. Paracelsus Medical University, Salzburg, Austria 2. Charitè, Berlin, Germany 3. Technical University Munich, Munich, Germany 4. University Hospital Muenster, Muenster, Germany 5. Friederikenstift Hospital, Hannover, Germany 6. ATOS Clinic, Munich, Germany h 10. Latarjet Procedure: Is Coracoid Enough To Fill The Glenoid Bone Loss? Marco Saporito, Giuseppe Porcellini, Giovanni Merolla, Paolo Paladini Unit of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, Cattolica, Italy h 11. Distal Tibia And Glenoid Allografts Are Best For Restoration Of Overall Glenoid Congruency In Scapulae With An Anterior Glenoid Rim Defect. Laurent Willemot 1, Mohsen Akbari Shandiz 1, Kristin Zhao 1, Joaquin Sánchez- Sotelo 1, Olivier Verborgt 2 1. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, United States 2. AZ Monica, Deurne, Belgium 7

8 PROGRAM h 12. Arthroscopic Subscapularis Augmentation Of Bankart Repair In Chronic Anterior Shoulder Instability With Bone Loss: Clinical Multicenter Study. Marco Maiotti 1, Raffaele Russo 2, Antonio Zanini 3, Steffen Schroter 4, Carlo Massoni 1, Diana Bianchedi 5 1. Sports Traumatology Unit, San Giovanni-Addolorata Hospital, Rome, Italy 2. Orthopaedic and Traumatology Unit, Pellegrini Hospital, Naples, Italy 3. Arthroscopy Unit, Carlo Poma Hospital, Mantua, Italy 4. BG Trauma Center Department of Traumatology, Eberhard Karls University, Tubingen, Germany 5. Isokinetic Group, Rome, Italy h CLINICAL CASE Diagnosis and treatment of painful reverse shoulder arthroplasty Chairman: Mario Borroni (Italy) h Coffee break h SESSION III REVERSE ARTHROPLASTY h 13. Analytical Study Of Different Designs On A Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty. Fernando Martínez 1, José M. Segui 1, Samuel Sánchez 2, Vicente J. Segui 3, Miguel J. Reig 3, Rafael Pla 2 1. Hospital Universitario Sant Joan, Alicante, Spain 2. Instituto diseño y fabricación Universidad Politécnica Valencia, Alcoy, Spain 3. Instituto Tecnología de materiales Universidad Politécnica Valencia, Alcoy, Spain h 14. Reverse Versus Stemless Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty: A Matched Pair Analysis. R Michael Krifter 1, Philipp Moroder 2 1. acad.orthopedic hospital Stolzlape, Stolzalpe, Austria 2. Paracelsus Medizin Universität Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria h 15. Five To Fifteen Year Follow-Up Of Delta Reversed Total Shoulde Arthroplaty. Jacobien Van Der Wijk, Jan Somers, Dieter Van Der Linden, François Hardeman Jan Yperman Hospital, Ypres, Belgium 8

9 PROGRAM h 16. No Difference In Outcome After Failure Of Initial Conservative Or Surgical Treatment Of 3- And 4-Part Proximal Humeral Fractures Treated With Reversed Total Shoulder Arthroplasty. Anne Jh Vochteloo 1, Frans G Smits 1, Marjolein Brusse-Keizer 2, Edwin M Ooms 3 1. OCON Orthopedic Centre, Hengelo, Netherlands, The 2. ZGT, Almelo, Netherlands, The 3. OCON, Hengelo, Netherlands, The h 17. A Prospective Randomized Study On Patients Undergoing Reverse Shoulder Prosthesis With Nonrepair Or Repair Of The Subscapularis Tendon. Roberto Postacchini 1, Stefano Carbone 2, Francesca Ripani 2 1. Ospedale Israelitico, Rome, Italy 2. Clinica San Feliciano, Rome, Italy h 18. Is There A Long Term Deterioration Of The Function Of Deltoid Muscle After Reverse Shoulder Replacement? Georgios Mazis, Caroline Witney-Lagen, Ernest Fawzy, Georgios Arealis, Giuseppe Sforza, Ofer Levy Reading Shoulder Unit, Reading, United Kingdom h ASES LECTURE The American Shoulder and Shoulder Society: Challenges for the Future Dr. Jesse Jupiter (USA) h AWARD SESSION Dr. Juan Bruguera (Spain) h SECEC GENERAL ASSEMBLY h Social Dinner Zuiderterras Restaurant 70 not included in the registration fee 9

10 PROGRAM Sunday 25/9/ h SESSION IV MISCELLANEOUS h 19. Long Head Of Biceps Transfer In High-Level Overhead Athletes. Tom Van Den Langenbergh, Geert Declercq, Kristien Vuylsteke, Olivier Verborgt AZ Monica, Deurne, Belgium h 20. Clinical And Radiographic Results Of Arthroscopic AC-Joint Stabilization In A Double-TightRope Technique With Additional AC-Cerclage. Natascha Kraus, Carmen Hann, Christian Gerhardt, Markus Scheibel Charité Universitaetsmedizin Berlin, Berlin, Germany h 21. Arthroscopic Assisted Shoulder Interposition Arthroplasty. Hakki Çagdas Basat 1, Mehmet Demirtas 2 1. koru hospital, Ankara, Turkey 2. memorial hospital, Ankara, Turkey h 22. CT-Based Prediction Of The Straight Antegrade Humeral Nail S Entrypoint And Exposure Of Critical Types : Truth Or Fiction? Markus Wambacher 2, Maximilian Petri 1, Clemens Hengg 2, Grant J Dornan 3, Travis Lee Turnbull 3, Peter J Millett 4, Simon A Euler 2 1. Hannover Medical School, Hannover, Germany 2. Medical University Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria 3. Steadman Philippon Research Institute, Vail, United States 4. The Steadman Clinic, Vail, United States h 23. Biomechanical Evaluation Of Straight Antegrade Nailing In Proximal Humeral Fractures: The Rationale Of The fifth Anchoring Point. Ulrich Eger 1, Simon A Euler 1, Maximilian Petri 2, Werner Schmölz 1, Travis Lee Turnbull 3, Franz S. Kralinger 4, Peter J Millett 5 1. Medical University Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria 2. Hannover Medical School, Hannover, Germany 3. Steadman Philippon Research Institute, Vail, United States 4. Wilhelminenspital, Vienna, Austria 5. The Steadman Clinic, Vail, United States 10

11 PROGRAM h 24. Semi-Rigid Fixation Of Hertel 7 And 12 Proximal Humerus Fractures Using The Humerusblock Device. Stefano Carbone 1, Valerio Arceri 2, Giuseppe Teori 2, Roberto Postacchini 3, Riccardo Mezzoprete 2 1. Sapienza University of Rome, Dept. of Molecular Medicine, Roma, Italy 2. Ospedale San Camillo de Lellis, Rieti, Italy 3. Ospedale Israelitico, Roma, Italy h 25. Clavicle: CT Based 3D Modelling & Analysis. Implications On Surgery And Clavicle Implants. Simon Martin Lambert 1, Nawfal Al-Hadithy 1, Mathew Sewell 1, Hansrudi Noser 2, Lukas Kamer 2 1. Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, London, United Kingdom 2. AO Research Institute, Davos, Switzerland h SESSION V ELBOW h 26. The Unstable But Stiff Elbow. Michael Geyer, Steffi Geyer, Christian Schoch St. Vinzenz Clinic, Pfronten, Germany h 27. Influence Of The Capsule Tear And Reconstruction On Joint Biomechanics In A Cadaveric Model For PLRI. Michael Schär, Michael Künzler 1, Hansel Ihn 2, Masaki Akeda 3, Michell H. Mcgarry 4, Matthias A. Zumstein 5, Thay Q. Lee 6 1. Shoulder, Bern, Switzerland 2. Elbow and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine, Long Beach, United States 3. Inselspital Bern, Long Beach, United States 4. Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Long Beach, United States 5. Orthopaedics Biomechanics Laboratory, Bern, Switzerland 6. VA Long Beach Healthcare System, Long Beach, United States h 28. Ligament Reconstruction And Augmentation Using Internal Bracing For Treatment Of Acute Elbow Instability. Stefan Greiner 1, Max Kaeaeb 2, Matthias Koch 3, Burak Altintas 1 1. sporthopaedicum Regensburg, Regensburg, Germany 2. sporthopaedicum Straubing, Straubing, Germany 3. UniversityRegensburg, Regensburg, Germany 11

12 PROGRAM h 29. The Repair Of Collateral Ligament Tears With Suture Anchors In Comminuted Elbow Dislocations. Murat Asci 1, Harun Altinayak 1, Recep Kurnaz 2, Orhan Balta 1, Bora Bostan 1, Taner Günes 2 1. Gaziosmanpasa University, School of Medicine, Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Tokat, Turkey 2. Acibadem University, Eskisehir Acibadem Hospital, Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Eskisehir, Turkey h 30. Fragment Specific Classification Of Complex Olecranon Fractures: Literature Review And Radiological Study. Julien Chapleau 1, Frédéric Balg 2, Edward J. Harvey 3, Jérémie Ménard 4, Yves Laflamme 1, Dominique Rouleau 1 1. Université de Montréal, Montréal, Canada 2. Université de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, Canada 3. Université McGill, Montréal, Canada 4. Centre de recherche de l hopital du Sacré-Coeur de Montréal, Montréal, Canada h 31. Investigation Of Risk Factors For Poor Outcome After Distal Humerus Fractures. Ali Ersen 1, Ata Can Atalar 1, Tuna Pehlivanoglu 1, Serkan Bayram 1, Onur Tunali 1, Mehmet Demirhan 2 1. Istanbul University Istanbul Medical Faculty, Istanbul, Turkey 2. KOC University School of Medicine, Istanbul, Turkey h 32. Anatomic Mini-Invasive Repair Of Distal Biceps Tendon Ruptures. Gian Luigi Canata, Alfredo Chiey, Valentina Casale Koelliker Hospital, Torino, Italy h 33. Mid-Term Clinical Outcomes After Arthroscopic Debridement And Microfracture For Osteochondritis Dissecans Of The Capitellum. Rens Bexkens 1, Kim I.M. Van Den Ende 2, Paul T. Ogin 3, Christiaan J.A. Van Bergen 4, Michel P.J. Bekerom 5, Denise Eygendaal 6 1. Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, United States 2. Harvard Medical School, Rotterdam, Netherlands, The 3. Regionale OpleidingsGroep Orthopedie, Boston, United States 4. Massachusetts General Hospital, Breda, Netherlands, The 5. Harvard Medical School, Amsterdam, Netherlands, The 6. Amphia Hospital, Breda, Netherlands, The h CLINICAL CASE Painful mild osteoarthritis with static posterior subluxation in young patient 12

13 PROGRAM Chairman: Lionel Neyton (France) h Coffee break h SESSION VI SHOULDER ARTHROPLASTY h 34. Influence Of 3-Dimensional Planning And Patient-Specific Instrumentation On Decision Making In Total Shoulder Arthroplasty. Birgit S Werner 1, Robert Hudek 1, Klaus J Burkhart 2, Frank Gohlke 1 1. Rhön Klinikum AG, Klinik für Schulter- und Ellenbogenchirurgie, Bad Neustadt, Germany 2. ARCUS Kliniken, Pforzheim, Germany h 35. Utility Of Shoulder Arthroplasty Tissue Biopsy To Predict Revision Shoulder Arthro plasty Cultures In At-Risk Patients. Robert Zaray Tashjian, Erin K Granger University of Utah School of Medicine, Salt Lake City, United States h 36. Deformation Of The Humeral Head In Primary Osteoarthritis: Spherical Or Elliptical? Peter Habermeyer 1, Sven Lichtenberg 2, Mark Tauber 1, Petra Magosch 2 1. ATOS Clinic Munich, Munich, Germany 2. ATOS Clinic Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany h 37. Which Osteotomy Of The Humeral Head In Shoulder Arthroplasty? A Comparison Between The Traditional Anterosuperior Versus A Novel Inferoanterior Oriented Resection Technique. Thomas Suter 1, Christopher Kotz 2, Robert Tashjian 2, Heath Henninger 2, Ariane Gerber Popp 1 1. Orthopedic Department, Kantonsspital Baselland, Liestal, Switzerland 2. Orthopaedic Research Laboratory, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, United States h 38. Rocking-Horse Phenomenon Of The Glenoid Component: The Importance Of Inclination. Anne Karelse, Lieven De Wilde University hospital of Ghent, Gent, Belgium h 39. Allergic Reaction And Metal Hypersensitivity After Shoulder Joint Replacement, Is There A Need For Anallergic Prosthesis? Pietro Pellegrino, Andrea Pautasso, Lorenzo Mattei, Michel Jean Calò, Filippo Castoldi CTO Hospital, Turin, Italy 13

14 PROGRAM h 40. Similar Patient Reported Outcomes For Resurfacing Compared To Stemmed Hemi Shoulder Arthroplasty, But Younger Age Yields Hig Her Revision Rate. Björn Salomonsson 1, Magnus Ödquist 1, Kristofer Hallberg 1, Hans Rahme 2, Aldana Rosso 3 1. Karolinska Institutet Danderyd Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden 2. Elisabethsjukhuset, Uppsala, Sweden 3. Skånes Universitetssjukhus, Lund, Sweden h Year Results Of Anatomic Stemless Shoulder Arthroplasty. Peter Habermeyer, Sven Lichtenberg, Petra Magosch ATOS Clinic Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany h 42. The 2 Year Outcome After Implantation Of A Pyrocarbon Hemiprosthesis, snookerball In Cases Of Failed Proximal Humerus Fracture Treatment. Robert Hudek, Birgit Werner, Ayman Abdelkawi, Frank Gohlke Rhön Klinikum AG, Klink für Schulter- und Ellbogenchirurgie, Bad Neustadt, Germany h Adjourn & Farewell Cocktail 14