NUTRITION FOR PERFORMANCE! Jessica Rothwell Accredited Practising Clinical & Sports Dietitian

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1 NUTRITION FOR PERFORMANCE! Jessica Rothwell Accredited Practising Clinical & Sports Dietitian

2 Today s menu: Wholesome eating habits The role of food in our body Consequences of inadequate nutrition Key nutrients for young athletes What to eat before & after training What to eat before & during competition Practical food examples Questions!

3 Why is it so important? Peak stage of growth and development Puberty Physical and mental maturation school! Physiological, hormonal and neurological development YOU NEED ADEQUATE ENERGY AND NUTRIENTS TO SUPPORT YOUR GROWTH & TRAINING NEEDS!

4 Am I eating ENOUGH of the right foods? FATIGUE: Are you tired all the time? ENERGY? Do you lack energy? WEIGHT? Are you losing weight or struggling to put on muscle? IMMUNITY: Are you getting sick frequently? TRAINING PROGRESSION: Is your training getting better? PERSONAL BESTS: Are you achieving PB s?

5 What are the consequences of poor nutrition? Delayed puberty and maturation = decreased gains in strength! Increased risk of illness and injuries low iron Menstrual irregularities Poor bone health Decreased lean muscle mass growth Poor gut health Poor sleep BAD moods


7 What are Carbohydrates? ENERGY, RECOVERY, GROWTH! Muesli, Oats (porridge), Freekah, Quinoa, Beans & Legumes, Whole grain or Rye bread, Barley, Brown Rice, Oats, Bran, Wholemeal Cous-Cous, Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Fruit, Milk, Smoothies, Yoghurt, Juice, Lollies, Gatorade.Did you know cooked cold potatoes, pasta increase in resistant fibre, which has a prebiotic effect keeping your gut bugs happy!

8 Protein spread = Power & Strength muscle repair & recovery Lean cuts of meat, including beef, kangaroo, chicken, turkey, fish (tuna/salmon) and pork. Eggs Dairy products milk, cottage cheese, ricotta cheese & yoghurt Tofu & soya products Legumes, nuts & peanut butter

9 HEALTHY FATS Firey nerves, hormones & padding! Very important for overall health and keeping you warm in the water! Mono & poly unsaturated fats & Omega 3 fatty acids are the best to include in your daily intake. Nuts, nut spread, eggs, avocado, vegetable oils such as olive oil, salmon & oily fish. Anti-oxidants & muscle repair!

10 Key Nutrients for Junior & Adolescent Athletes VITAMINS & MINERALS FOODS IRON CALCIUM VITAMIN D Red meat, eggs, chicken, turkey, whole grains cereals and breads, quinoa & dark green leafy vegies All dairy foods, tahini, fortified cereals, green leafy vegetables, broccoli, kale, edible fish bones Eggs, mushrooms & SUN!

11 What foods should I eat before training? Make your meal a smart carbohydrate one, with some protein & a small amount of fat may depend on time pre training. Whole grain cereals, porridge, muesli, toast, honey/jam, peanut butter crumpets, banana roll, sandwich. Pasta/ rice dish Banana, banana bread, date scones, fruit muffin, smoothie or muesli bar Water or Sustagen or Up & Go

12 What should I eat after training or gym? Aim to have within 30-60mins of finishing training Aim for 15-20g protein based snack Include carbs! or your next meal with adequate protein & carbohydrate if you re getting home from training quickly! Why? To assist recovery & repair of your muscles, helps you PROGRESS!!!

13 What foods do you eat before you compete?

14 What to eat before & during competition TIME FOOD WHY? AVOID 3-4 hours before 1. Practise! 2. Practise! 3. Practise! Don t try new foods before an important competition, try in training first! Pasta, noodles or rice with tuna or chicken, lean mince. Sub, wrap sandwich or roll with basic fillings Oat & fruit smoothie Crumpets with honey & yoghurt Low fibre cereal & banana, Weetbix, Special K, Uncle Toby s LOW GI CARBS High fat, cream, oil or high fibre meals creamy pasta s, mexican, pies, fish & chips, nacho s, kebabs. 1-2 hours before Pasta/ rice dishes; cereal, banana, fruit muffin, fruit yoghurt, crumpets or pikelets with jam/honey, dried fruit, honey/jam sandwich, banana hot dog, glass of fruit juice Raisin toast + glass of milk TOP UP CARBS During, insufficient time to eat much <30 min s Gatorade, honey on toast/bread or lollies. INSTANT CARBS IF TIME POOR btw events!

15 Hydration = don t get thirsty! Consequences and effects of dehydration: S S S S S S Impaired performance, loss of concentration and mental functioning Reduced precision in the water Dizziness, fatigue, feeling hot extra fluid loss in humid settings. The activity feels harder to perform Nausea, gut upsets, headaches & cramping How do we know if we are dehydrated?

16 Do I need sports drinks? When would it be appropriate? Liquid meal supplements or gatorade? For individuals that don t tolerate full meals prior to competition or training For those who don t have time before morning sessions Emergency supplies For those who prefer topping up with fluids for energy than food between events For those who cannot get enough energy in (protein based drinks)!!!

17 Being organised helps improve your nutritional intake! Be prepared, plan ahead & recovery fast Pack emergency snacks and staples Is there a fridge you can store yoghurt or smoothies? Buy a cooler bag & always carry a water bottle Have you heard of Dineamic Meals? Choosing healthy frozen meals or soups is better than grabbing Maccas!!

18 Key messages Energy is very important to fuel your performance & wholesome nutrition to keep you healthy! Carbohydrates before & after training & competition Protein spread over the day and after training & competition Check your hydration status Be organised, get involved in cooking! Listen to your appetite and body