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1 ENTREPRENEUR HERBAL COURSE OUTLINE UNIT 1: OUR STORY AND HERBAL HISTORY Lesson 1: Introduction to the Entrepreneur Herbal Course Lesson 2: Our Story A Glimpse into the Herbal Academy (VIDEO) The Herbal Academy Story The Business Plan Checklist Lesson 3: The Humoral System and Astrological Medicine Origins of Medicine in Greek Mythology The Hippocratic Legacy - Four Qualities, Four Elements, Four Humors Product Prompt: Herbal Incense Aristotle s Philosophic Contributions to Medicine Dioscorides: De Materia Medica Galen and the Four Temperaments Paracelsus Nicholas Culpeper and Astrological Medicine Product Prompt: Herbal Honey for Grief Support Lesson 4: American Botanical Movement The Age of Discovery American Medical Botanists The Rise of the Sectarian Schism in the American Botanical Movement Product Prompt: Samuel Thomson s Formulas Lesson 5: Other American Botanical Traditions Native American Healing Traditions African American Healing Traditions Appalachian Folk Medicine The Wise Woman Tradition Lesson 6: Modern Allopathy and Holistic Healing All of those Allopaths: Allopathy and Holistic Healing Medical Needs in Colonial America Product Prompt: Flower Essences The Allopaths Organize Opportunities in Complementary and Integrative Health in Mainstream America

2 UNIT 2: HERBAL TRADITIONS AROUND THE WORLD Lesson 1: Ayurveda The Principles of Ayurveda The Five Elements The Three Gunas and the Twenty Attributes The Three Doshas Product Prompt: Ayurvedic Massage Oils Assessing Your Constitution: Prakruti and Vikruti The Seven Dhatus Digestive Fire: Agni Samprapti: The Causes of Disease Preventative Health and Ayurveda Ayurvedic Treatment Lesson 2: Traditional Chinese Medicine Westerners Think in Squares. Chinese People Think in Circles. In the Beginning...Chinese Creation Myths Tao Fundamental Concepts in TCM Practical Applications of TCM Lesson 3: Global Healing Traditions Global Healing Traditions African Traditions Unani: Greco-Arabic Medical Tradition Pacific Traditions Pacific Traditions Practicing Multicultural Awareness and Sensitivity Lesson 4: Entrepreneur Video Entrepreneur Interview with Mary Blue of Farmacy Herbs (VIDEO) UNIT 3: BOTANY, PHYTOCHEMISTRY & SOURCING RAW MATERIALS Lesson 1: Plant Identification and Taxonomy Basic Botany Learning the Language of Plants: Introduction to Botanical Terms Introduction to Plant Identification + Plant Walk (VIDEO)

3 Plant Identification by Family Other Ways to Identify Plants Lesson 2: Plant Chemistry What are Plant Constituents and Where Do They Come From? Common Medicinal Constituents Secondary Metabolites Lesson 3: Sourcing Herbs and Ingredients for Medicine Making and Product Manufacture Sourcing Herbs: Considerations Sustainable Growing and Harvesting Methods Sourcing Sustainable Bee Products Entrepreneur Video: Honey! (VIDEO) Sourcing Other Ingredients Other Considerations Lesson 4: Wildcrafting Wildcrafting (VIDEO) Considerations and Core Ethics Preparation and Planning Supplies Technique Lesson 5: Drying Herbs: Considerations and Techniques Choosing the Appropriate Drying Method Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cgmps) and Drying Herbs Processing and Storing Herbs Lesson 6: Entrepreneur Q&A Wildcrafting Herbs for Product Manufacture: Q&A with Lauren Murphy of LaLa Earth Lesson 7: Entrepreneur Video Entrepreneur Interview with Peter Borchard of Companion Plants (VIDEO) UNIT 4: DEFINING YOUR PATH Lesson 1: Defining Your Path One Path, Many Ways Entrepreneur Video: Defining Your Path with Mary Blue of Farmacy Herbs (VIDEO)

4 Entrepreneur Video: Open an Herb Shop! With Salli Greene of Alternatives for Health (VIDEO) Entrepreneur Video: Getting the Book Deal with Noah Wilson-Rich of Best Bees (VIDEO) Role in Community Many Approaches to Training Lesson 2: Continuing to Grow Ways to Continue Professional Development - Continuing Education Ways to Continue Professional Development - Professional Networking Lesson 3: Useful Resources and Organizations Resources Organizations UNIT 5: MANUFACTURING Lesson 1: Incorporating Essential Oils into Herbal Products What is an Essential Oil? History of Aromatherapy The Three Methods of Essential Oil Use Groups Requiring Special Consideration Blending Essential Oils Aromatherapeutic Blending (VIDEO) Incorporating Aromatherapy into Other Modalities Using Essential Oils for Healing Lesson 2: Making and Managing Herbal Preparations Herbs, Solvents, and Preparations Making Herbal Products - Tutorials Infused Oils Salves Creams & Lotions Honeys, Electuaries, Syrups, and Elixirs Macerated Tinctures Percolated Tinctures Infused Vinegars & Oxymels Body & Facial Scrubs Shelf Life Lesson 3: More How-Tos How to Choose Your Packaging Designing Labels for Both Look and Longevity

5 Naming Your Product and Writing Descriptions The Fire Cider Controversy (VIDEO) How to Price Products How to Ascertain Product Lifespan Journaling Your Steps Through Product Creation Lesson 4: Advanced Formulation Advanced Formulation (VIDEO) Lesson 5: Good Manufacturing Practices for Dietary Supplements (21 CFR 111) What are cgmps? Definition of Food, Dietary Supplement, Cosmetic, and Drug Terminology and Language in 21 CFR 111 cgmps: Required Documentation Document Guidelines Record Keeping Established Specification Requirements Production and Process Control System: Requirements for Manufacturing Operations, Packaging, and Labeling Botanical Identification Microbial Testing Lesson 6: Labeling Herbal Products What Kind of Product Are You Selling? What You Need to Put on Your Dietary Supplement Label: For Starters Exemptions & Tricks to Know Basic Label Requirements for Food & Dietary Supplements Labeling Requirements for Cosmetics Dietary Supplement Claims UNIT 6: HERBAL BUSINESS Lesson 1: Setting Up Your Business Taking a Vision to a Plan What is Your Vision? Creating a Business Plan Entrepreneur Video: The Business of Selling Herbs (VIDEO) Lesson 2: Stories from Entrepreneurs Building a Successful Business A Success Story Entrepreneur Video: Best Bees (VIDEO)

6 Lesson 3: Creating a Business and a Brand Intent/Vision: Why You re Starting a Business Vision as Structure: Questions to Help You Move Forward with Your Business A Brief History of My Personal Business Experience Slow and Steady: Growing with Your Business Considering Where To Sell Your Products Seeking Help: Interns as an Asset to Your Business Business and Product Naming: Creating a Brand Name and Image A Successful Herbal Company: Herbal Revolution (VIDEO) Marketing Your Products Running a Business: Other Considerations Lesson 4: Evolution of a Brand What s In a Name? Your Logo Lesson 5: Herbalism and the Law Legal Issues in Herbalism (VIDEO) Lesson 6: Running an Herbal Business Legal Business Structures Insurance Accounting Receiving Payments Shipping Lesson 7: Creating an Online Presence Creating and Maintaining a Website Social Media Writing and Publishing Online Lesson 8: Resources for Entrepreneurs The Entrepreneur Booklist Handy Business References