January, 2013

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1 January, 2013 A Message from our President. Happy New Year and Welcome to 2013, The New Year promises to be a bright and exciting one. One of New Beginnings and New Adventures. Our Chapter is yet a young one, but one with a collection of wonderful and creative personalities. We are Sisters of a Kindred Spirit in that we all love to paint and create beautiful artwork, no matter what medium we choose to use. In looking over our projects for the next year, I see a wide variety of work that will challenge some of us and make some of us feel right at home. I also know there are a couple of surprises in the works. I can hardly wait! This year, I would like to say to you that my goal is to unite the chapter and to have fun while doing it. Any one of you who wishes to attend a board meeting will be welcome to do so as I want to make communications of the utmost importance. You will see that our treasurer s report will be printed out in its entirety in detail. This is so that you will be able to see what our actual expenses are and to see how we are raising the monies necessary to continue to function. Our Treasurer, Deanna, has taken on two hats; that of Treasurer as well as Newsletter Editor. Thank you so much, Deanna. Jean Zawicki will again continue as Ways and Means and wait until you see what she s got in the works! Barbara Layton has, as always, efficiently planned out the projects for this year and it wouldn t surprise me in the least if she s not gotten 2014 underway! Thank you so much, Barbara, for your great organization. Our Secretary this year is Nan Paras. And I am so grateful that Nan as volunteered to carry out this duty; thank you, Nan. And thanks go to Jill for again heading up Membership. We will go over the other committees in our first meeting. If you are interested in helping out on any of the committees, please do. Remember, if we all help out, no matter how small, the workload is lighter for all and we all benefit. Looking forward to January. New Year; New Beginnings! Mary

2 2013 Board Members President Mary Francis First Vice President (Programs) Barbara Layton Second Vice President (Membership) Jill Terrell Secretary Nan Paras Treasurer Deanna Spence Ways & Means Chairperson Jean Zawicki January Birthdays ~~~~~ Marsha Lamb Lynn Ingersoll Bertie Porter Jill Terrell Newsletter Editor Deanna Spence Board Meetings The first ODA Board meeting for 2013 will be held immediately before the January 19 general meeting beginning at 9:00 AM. All Board members are asked to make every effort to attend this meeting. Any other chapter members interested in attending the board meeting are welcome to sit in. ODA General Meetings ODA meetings are the 3rd Saturday of each month at the Osceola Center for the Arts, 2411 E. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway (St. Rd. 192), Kissimmee, FL The business meeting starts at 10:00 am and is followed by a painting program/workshop. We generally brown bag our lunch with drinks and a dessert provided by different members. Guests are welcome to attend Chapter membership is open to all members of Society of Decorative Painters. You can find more information on SDP at decorativepainters.org. ODA chapter dues are currently $15/year.

3 2013 Program Schedule January 19 Kathie Camara Acrylics, Killer Whales February 16 & 17 Mary Owens Pen & Ink w/ Oil Rouging March 16 Deanna Spence Batik Note Cards April 20 Jean Zawicki Acrylic, TBA May 18 Judi Arntz Fabric Paints, Sea Gals June 15 Mentor s Workshop & Luncheon TBA July 20 August 17 Adele Bruno -- Zentangle September 21 Mary Francis Mystery Project October 19 & 20 Tina Norris Colored Pencil & Water Color Pencil, Heron & Winter Buck TBA November 16 December 21 Christmas Party December Secretary s Report No Business Meeting No Minutes December Treasurer s Report No Report Received Show and Tell Bring your painted pieces and share! What does this do for our chapter? It keeps us up to date on what is new in the painting industry Motivates members Introduces artists and painting styles Techniques that are learned at seminars and conventions are shared You receive Decorative Dollars


5 Memo from Barbara Layton: Below is an from Mary Owens, who will be doing our Seminar for February 16 and 17, At the January 19 workshop we will make our final selections for those classes. I have to bring you up to speed on my new format, and I hope you will be pleased with it. The projects you mentioned are so old; we are updating the seminar portfolio and I have a bunch of new designs I would like to present for your group to pick from. First of all, I am no longer traveling with projectors so I have to put something into place to make that whole issue doable for myself as well as prospective students. This is what I have come up with for the 2013 teaching format. I am going to offer a variety of surfaces that I will prep ahead of time to bring into class with the patterns already transferred on and completely prepared and sealed; ready to go. Each student will have a choice of slate, mdf with a routered edge and a key hole for hanging, or canvas. When you decide on the project choice, the student will specify which surface they would like to work on. In some cases I will offer a charger that has been prepared for a specific project as well. The vinyl plates are 12 inches in diameter, I will sand, base coat, transfer the pattern on and the surfaces will be sealed and ready to ink. The sizes of the surfaces will be explained in the portfolio, and there will be some other choices of surfaces as I develop my new designs that I am working on right now. Your group would let me know how many people want to work on what surface! This will give a variety in choices, but will be no issue for the students to worry about prepping, looking for a surface, and worrying about the surface NOT being prepared or sealed sufficiently! There will be a deadline for ordering surfaces to allow me to prep ahead of time and transport or ship. I will be providing absolutely everything needed for class including paper towel! When the students come in, they need absolutely nothing but a drink and a snack and a smile we say! No spray, no brushes, no paints, no pens. Each student gets a complete pattern packet, extra notes and handouts, the surface and everything needed to complete their project! I, myself, apply the patterns to the surfaces so I know they are the right way!! My daughter asked if I had to do them myself and I said yes! It is like packing your own parachute! I want it done to my specifications so my class works perfectly. This way I know they were prepped and sealed to allow for correction with the inking as well as the rouging, the patterns are applied neatly and perfectly because I DID THEM!! The classes still run from 9 am till 5 pm, but, in most cases, since I have implemented this procedure, the students have been completing the projects at least 45 minutes to a half hour before 5!! We can have our 45 minute lunch break in their too! Now the final issue; cost. I am charging per student per day. That includes everything but airfare or mileage to my regular sponsors. [your's is different because I am already in Florida so I will only be charging from Leesburg or Bushnell, like I did last year]. You have no hotel costs or meal reimbursement because I do not stay at a hotel and I never charge for my meals; I feel it is not fair [I have to eat regardless of whether I am teaching or not]! For my regular sponsors I offer to stay with a chapter member [if the conditions are right! :o)]. Merry Christmas! Mary

6 2012 ODA Christmas Party

7 Frolic On the Fox: SDP's 41st Conference & Expo Registration Now Open! It's time to make your plans to attend Frolic on the Fox, SDP's 41st International Conference and Expo to be held in St. Charles, Ill., May 13-18, 2013! Conference registration is now open. Have you looked through the Conference Special to pick your classes and plan your schedule? Available now at decorativepainters.org, this is your guide to all things Conference, including class and event listings. If you haven t already renewed your membership for 2013, be sure to do so before submitting your Conference registration to take advantage of the earlybird registration fee. We will be providing frequent Conference updates on the SDP blog and our Facebook page.